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Submitted: Wed Jun 01 2005
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What is the real purpose of life? Where did it originate? Who or what is God? If there is a Supreme Being, who or what created him? How old is the universe? What was before the Universe? How big is the Universe? Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos? Are they friendly? Have they visited earth? Do they want to? Is there really paranormal activity? If so, what is its purpose? Can man utilize his brain to achieve alter levels of reality? Do you want to know the answers to these questions? Many people do but are afraid to seek the answers. Centuries of training by organized religious beliefs has resulted in feelings of guilt for many when searching for answers that seem to conflict with religious beliefs. The quest for the truth is never wrong. Just as there is always more than one side to a story in a modern day courtroom, there must be more than one side to the story of mankind’s history. It is said that history is written by the victors…so what really happened? Shadow People Books are the products of the imagination of Louis Poessel. A student of the many possibilities in the unknown and unproven, Louis believes that there is much more to our existence than we realize. His stories offer the science fiction fan a different twist to the traditional and subject matter for his books and writings can be controversial. Exploration of the unknown presents fascinating topics. Today’s theories include the ‘string theory’ as well as alternate or parallel universes. If in fact this proves to be correct, the ‘big bang’ theory becomes an event that may be a common occurrence. What implications might it have for man and our reality? Perhaps the great distances of the cosmos are but micro measurements in a colossal system of some sort. Or maybe our universe is a microscopic system. We already know that time measured in human terms seems to be an insignificant measure when compared to whatever or whoever this system really is. Perhaps we were never meant to find answers to questions that seem beyond the scope of our understanding. Maybe life and in turn intelligent life is simply a parasite that clings to a system ever changing. Great minds of the past have provided the basic tools of discovery. Today finding the ‘theory of everything’ is the goal of many. Tomorrow may bring with it answers to many questions but more importantly it will bring more questions that need answers! Those who search will surely discover situations that seem impossible, but only those that dare confront the unknown will find answers in the pages of Shadow People Books. Available in fine bookstores everywhere or online from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or directly from the publisher.

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