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Alien Abductions: Alien Abductions, UFO Casebook

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Alien Abductions, UFO Casebook


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Submitted: Mon Oct 04 2004
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CT: Alien Abductions: Alien Abductions, UFO Casebook

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The files contained on this page are some of the best known cases of alien abduction. It is by no means complete. There remain a large number of reports still being researched, and many cases of abduction never reported. Alien abduction is an increasingly troublesome phenomena which is in need of further research. A number of the articles contained here were written by UFO Casebook webmaster and researcher B J Booth. All of these are free to download and use as you see fit in the furtherance of research. Other articles contain copyright credentials where noted. These files may also be used as long as the copyright reference is kept in tact. This list will be enlarged as new cases come to light, so check back for updates.

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A Site worth Considering 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: nanachalfont, (Modified: Nov 19 2007 2:05PM)

This site provides a plethora of subjects all part of the UFO experience. The people who are members and who post generally are contactees and in that they provide support and validation to people otherwise singularly alone. They are nothing if not 'level headed' and consistently at work to expunge the people whose motives seem less than consistent with truth telling- information sharing and emotional centeredness. I am not a contactee and yet I feel in a very short time that I have accessed a group of people here with enormous strengths in general and in the area of UFO ology wisdom and straightforward expertise.
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