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Betty Hill


Betty Hill Movie

THE UFO INCIDENT (1975) Universal Studios TV-Movie Click here for cast and info from Internet Movie Database The story of the 1961 abduction of Portsmouth NH's Betty & Barney Hill led to a national bestseller "Interrupted Journey." More than a decade later, the book was adapted into a made-for-TV film. These images from Universal Studios publicity department are reproduced crudely here from a 1975 copy of the National Enquirer.

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A nuclear-pulse powered starship begins a voyage to some nearby stars similar to our sun sometime in the 21st century. The first target is Tau Ceti, 12 light-years distant and seen in this rendering just to the right of the craft's sperical living quarters. This article chronicles how an unusual star map has led to new investigations of specific stars that might harbor Earth-like planets - and possibly advanced forms of life.

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The Age of Nearby Stars

The controversial interpretation of the Hill "star map" conducted by Marjorie Fish includes the sun and 15 nearby stars. These stars make an ideal case study for stellar age determination as described in this article. For further details specifically about this map, see in Focus and the December issue.

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The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction, Part 3

Dr. Stanton Friedman spent many long hours with the Hills, discussing the case, and being a nut and bolts man, issued this statement; "By no stretch of the imagination could anyone who knows them conclude that they were nuts," he emphasizes. The Hills had been interviewed and questioned by others scientists and investigators; some under hypnosis, and all are in agreement on one important fact.

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Betty Hill Passes Away At Age 85

Betty Hill, the Grandmother of UFOlogy, passed away this morning, October 17, 2004, at the age of 85. Betty struggled with cancer for the past year. I would like to thank everyone who send cards and letters to Betty. She will be missed by many.

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Betty Hill Ailing

Betty Hill...of the legendary Betty and Barney Hill abduction case... is now in her 80th year. She is suffering from lung cancer and is undergoing vigorous chemotherapy 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

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The Grandmother Of Ufology

Betty and I went over her history spanning the time period before, during, and after her abduction. When Barney died in February 1976, Betty believed the interest in them and their abduction would end. It did not. For years Betty traveled around the globe going to Russia, South America, and many other places. She spent a good deal of time lecturing and doing TV spots talking about the 1961 abduction incident. She gave telephone interviews, sometimes more than 120 in a month's time.

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This Month In UFO History

September 19, 1799 - a "beautiful ball blazing with white light,..." was seen at 8:30 P.M. in England. It made no sound, and red sparks flew from it. On November 12, a "large red pillar of fire" was seen in the sky going south in Hereford, England. It was preceded by "flashes of extremely vivid electrical sort". Other object were seen between 5 and 6 A.M. leaving luminous trails behind them.

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Troubled Times: Betty/Barney Hill

But the Hills are troubled by unexplained dreams and anxiety about two hours of their trip that they can't account for. Betty, a social worker, asks advice from a psychiatrist friend. He suggests that the memory of that time will be gradually restored over the next few months - but it never is. Two years after the incident, the couple are still bothered by the missing two hours, and Barney's ulcers are acting up.

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Betty Hill Star Map

This interesting paper begins with a review of the famous "Hill Case", the quintessential UFO abduction case. Attention is focussed on the "star map" which Betty Hill was shown by the "Leader" and later reproduced under hypnotic regression. Marjory Fish's solution of that map is then discussed.

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Betty Hill Being Treated for Cancer

Who is Betty Hill? Along with her husband Barney, on a September night in 1961, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, they were abducted and examined by Aliens. Under hypnosis, what really happened to the couple that night came out; a startling report that clearly indicated we were being visited by aliens from another world outside our own solar system. Author John Fuller wrote about the Hills experiences in a book titled The Interrupted Journey, which was also turned into a TV movie.

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