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Anomalies and Science: Page 2

Anomalies and Science



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Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics

The principles developed for condensed states of matter are used to define quantum fields, life and consciousness.

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Numeric Structures of the Genetic Code

The number of protons contained in every amino acid and the configuration of DNA's bases of their respective genetic coding are connected by numeric phenomena.

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Weird Science

Reports of unusual phenomena and skepticism about skepticism.

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Digital Biology

Compares a microprocessor architecture to the genetic code.

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A Critique of the Diagonal Method

Problems with transfinite theory, and a suggestion for creating a new, richer definition of the infinite.

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Pavel Smutny

Power plants on ancient tapestry, microprocessor design in temple layout, astronomical implications of designs in temples and tombs.

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E-books about riddles in science, including ancient astronomy, prime number patterns, medical abuses. Text partially or wholly free.

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This site is dedicated to various mysteries: forbidden archaeology, Egypt, OOPARTS, strange photos, anomalies in the past and other various mysteries.

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Borderland Sciences Research Foundation

Borderland Sciences was founded in 1945 by Meade Layne to conduct research in the realms just beyond the average day to day perceptions. Meade Layne began publishing The Journal of Borderland Research (under the original title The Round Robin) and the back issues to 1945 are still available. Borderland Sciences continues to provide quality information on UFOs, Tesla, Radionics, Ether Physics, Vitalism, Radiesthesia and Dowsing.

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