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Magneticman Miroslaw Magola popular

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Professor Calame debunked the idea that anyone had ever been abducted by extraterrestrials because the distances between even the nearest stars to our Sun are so immense that a spacecraft traveling at near light-speed would take several years to travel such distances. The required logistics such as food, oxygen, and fuel would make such a trip impossible by any current method of propulsion in space. Albert Einstein claimed that the speed of light was the ultimate speed. If the speed of light is the ultimate speed, traversing the interstellar medium seems to be a virtual impossibility because the speed of light is a relative snails pace when dealing with interstellar distances. I was initially led to believe, with great disappointment, that interstellar space travel for mankind would never happen.

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Anti Gravity, Free Energy and Strange Science popular

A detailed expose of Free Energy and Antigravity techknology as presented by Yull Brown with Browns Gas, Don Kelly on anti-gravity, John Hutchison on antigravity and free energy, Roy Thornson on the kenitic UFO drive.

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Chronodynamics or intraduction in the nature of the time popular

UFO, Layout, Working principles, Model of time, Physical properties of time, Experiment in Philadelphia, Changes of poles

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Antigravity popular

This site showcases the work of David Barclay, which includes Project Unity, which is a basic design for a field frequency modulator, (ffm). Theory of time as an underlying force of universe determining the form and function of physical structure.

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