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Bob Lazar


Engineer Robert Lazar affiliation: Engineer at S-4 popular

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Robert Lazar came public with relevations about his work at the top secret technologie facillity S-4. When he showed friends parts of his work he was sacked and his former employers put him guns on the head.

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Bob Lazar popular

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Bob Lazar Claims to have worked with alien craft at "Area S-4" in Nevada Analysis by Glenn Campbell This page is no longer actively maintained (after 1996). You may find useful information here, but expired links will not be repaired, and new information will not be added. See our standard Lazar Links Page for newest links, latest theories and responses from the Lazar camp.

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A Comparison of Bob Lazar popular

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Bob Lazar was given a rare privilege as one of the elite physicists chosen to back-engineer the advanced spacecraft lent to the establishment. The spacecraft in question were not captured or recovered at crash sites as the public was lead to believe, but were given as a gift to secure future favors in return for a perceived technological edge

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The Bob Lazar Story

In 1989, Robert Lazar came forward with an incredible story : He had been recruited by the US government to work at the top secret Groom Lake/Area 51 research base better known as "Dreamland" (actually at the S4 site, Papoose Lake which is a few miles to the south of Groom Lake) to reverse engineer alien spacecraft! Here are a few things he learned.

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