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Artificial Intelligence: Distributed Projects

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Distributed Projects


Mindpixel Digital Mind Modeling Project

The Mindpixel Corpus will soon be the world's largest database of consensus human knowledge, built by tens of thousands of people just like you from all over Earth, speaking many languages.

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Wired News: Two Fake Brains Better Than One,1282,38745,00.html

Short story about Mindpixel, Open Mind, some difference between them, and possible cooperation.

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SF Weekly Online: News: A HAL of an Idea

Dr. David Stork is trying to create a new computer that thinks like a human being. But he needs your help.

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1001 Questions@MIT | Open Mind Project Branch

An artificial Intelligence System to be taught by you about everything. User can teach Learner as a kid to explore this world. Learner will formulate what is taught and ask questions in plain English.

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Mizore Artificial Intelligence Project

Two projects Neuralsim and Izumi concerning Artificial Intelligence. Neuralsim is a neural network that attempts to mimic some biological form; Izumi is a text parser concerning natural language processing. It visualizes time-varying linguistic data and draws connections between content.

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Gdansk Artificial Brain Iniciative

The homepage of Gdansk Artificial Brain Research Iniciative, student organization for extending AI knowledge by active participation in real research project.

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Home page of Agentcities, a worldwide network of agent platforms

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Webstructor World

Object-oriented knowledge management system. Distributed semantic net. Peer-to-peer knowledge management architecture. 2D and 3D visual ontology editor. High-level object-relational language.

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Genetic Daemon

The first genetic engine server, capable to work in a distributed resarch environment and with parallel processing

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