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Big Brother


Dark Corner

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About government surveillance, spying and intelligence themes.

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Jays Web Magazine - Big Brother is Watching You

Describes various ways in which the US government is spying on its citizens, and commentary on Armageddon.

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Chip Implants for Humans Already Here and in Use

Mark of the Beast 666 technology already in place: buying, selling and tracking of people with ID microchip implantations under the skin, smart cards, SSN, bar codes, biometic devices.

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International Coalition Against Microchips

Coalition against the use of microchips in humans. Provides information, articles, strategies, support, forums, mailing list and more.

Review It Rate It Bookmark It has been around since 2003, we originally concentrated on the UFO government cover up and secret research projects related to the Government and UFO activity, you know, pretty much on the fringe, we still cover a lot of that stuff, but have also begun to cover politics and government "Fact" along with all the speculation, including the Intelligence agencies like the cia, dia, DOD and FBI and of course homeland security and big brother in general. We also include a lot of issues concerning privacy and rights violations, like cameras and agencies spying on it's own citizens.

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