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Full Disklosure


1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Submitted: Sat Sep 06 2003
Rating: 1.00
Votes: 1
CT: Conspiracies: Full Disklosure
Last Modified: Thu May 05 2005

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Discussion boards covering conspiracies, the New World Order, UFO's, ancient mysteries, and the paranormal.

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Full Disklosure is the best News site on the Internet 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: ta2025, (Modified: Apr 15 2007 12:04AM)

I have been a member of FD for over 5 years now and everything Angelwing says is false. Sure there is some cut/paste but have you ever had the frustration of finding a conspiratorial article *missing* when you go back to it or news that is "disappeared" ? These people archive what is important to keep track of and tirelessly categorize and add plenty of original thought to the mix. They have both forums and live chat.
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Want Full Disclosure of the Truth… Don’t expect to find it at Fulldisklosure! 1 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: Anglewing,

If you value the truth, full disclosure, being able to speak your mind about all subjects then this so called Fulldisklosure is not the forum for you. There are more Administrator then members so watch not only what you say but guard any personal options you may have or you will be kicked out faster then you can blink.
Fulldisklosure is a copy/paste News Article site with information you can obtain from CNN or Google News. If you are looking for ideas or opions on subjects or a place to discuss what is happening in the World today then this Site is not for you.
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