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Alien Abductions

i was abducted popular

at least i was returned to my bed;many,many others do not return,used as we use animals

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Anti Gravity, Free Energy and Strange Science popular

A detailed expose of Free Energy and Antigravity techknology as presented by Yull Brown with Browns Gas, Don Kelly on anti-gravity, John Hutchison on antigravity and free energy, Roy Thornson on the kenitic UFO drive.

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Lunar Living Astrology popular

Weaving lunar events into life events. Lunar E-zine with bi-monthly forecasts for New and Full Moon events. Moon phase calendars and calculators online. Moon sign and eclipse information.

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Fundamentals of new physics and of the universe picture popular

Two hypothesises have allowed to find quit from labyrinth of the inconsistent experimental material and problems accumulated by modern science.

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Secret Hour popular

Secret Hour, quality articles on UFOs, Free Energy, unusual buildings and structures, newslinks, guestbook and more.

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Witchboard World - Antique Ouija Board Gallery & More popular

Offers hand-made wooden channeling boards for sale and a gallery of antique Ouija boards from 1891 to the present.

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Divination > I Ching

Millennium Calendar and I Ching Oracle popular

New I Ching interpretation which blends eastern and western, calendars as an interactive planning guide and oracle. The Millennium Calendar wall calendar, the Spiritual Warrior's I Ching and our latest creation Metaldragon's Heaven Board are three of the many ways to enhance your personal cultivation at this award winning website. Perpetual members enjoy the enhanced version of the online oracle "Spin the Dao", the twenty year ephemeris, various indexes and the Houses of the Kua, this year's new addition.

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Extraterrestrial Empire popular

Banner supported UFO and Paranormal Top Sites. Totals never reset, great resource for Extraterrestrial Links. Promote your site here!

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Justin Ehyeh Prophet/Contactee popular

Since 1999 I have had literally dozens of daytime Sightings. On several occasions I knew about these sightings before they occured. I was ready with my video camera, and now a collection of my best videos are available online. In most cases they are presented in Full Length With Sound!

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If you want to know about different types of alien, think you have been abducted, got questions about aliens or ufos, or want to be freaked out, or want to see some funny cartoons (not all are alien toons) come here.

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Alien Information from Contactees popular

Alien tattle tale lists hard to find information about Aliens and UFO's. Much of this information is documentated and available thru videos. Let the truth be known. Many alien abduction and contact are displayed.

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General UFO Sites

Decisive proof of UFO popular

You can find the decisive proof of UFO in this web site.

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Our True Ghostly Experiences popular

Our true story, photos and evps about our real haunting at our former home here in Georgia.

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GHOSM-Ghost Hunters Of Southern Michigan popular

We are a group of ghost hunters/paranormal investigators from southern Michigan. Our site features pictures and EVPS from our ghost hunts and home investigations.

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Shadowchasers popular

This site deals with haunted places in and around Northwest Indiana. Sites include: the Crown Point Courthouse, Salesians Prep, Gypsies Graveyard, Ross Cemetery, Reeder Road, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, and Posey Chapel Cemetery. We also have a Indiana ghost story section that incluse: Hannah House, Stepp Cemetery, White Lick Creek Bridge, Highland Lawn Cemetery, Tippecanoe Battlefield, Willard Library, and the Ghosts of Cline Ave. We also have alot of information on the site about ghosts and hauntings.

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Misc Paranormal Topics

Unexplained Mysteries popular

Award winning site with a wealth of information on all aspects of the unexplained. Includes image gallery, sightings database and a popular forum.

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Project P.R.O.V.E. popular

5 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

People Recording Orbiting Vehicles from Earth. In an attempt to video tape anomalous activity from both the ground, and NASA live T.V. Volunteers from around the globe needed.

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Near Death Experiences

Angel Experience popular

Fine art interpretations of a spiritual journey to the Promised Land. (Read the artist's statement... it's funny!)

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Spirituality > Shamanism

Lady Salvia divinorum Nursery.Shop and information popular

Vision inducing mint with a long history of Shamanistic use, spiritual healing and meditation.10x extracts, fresh and dried salvia, and Live plants available.

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Time Travel

The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Project Exposed popular

At last, the true Montauk Project and the Philadelphia experiment exposed! A real treat as the 3 survivors tell all of their personal experiences of time travel, teleportation, mind control, earth's controllers, and the Illuminatidocumented proof of these unusuall things. Much if this is video documented.

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UFO Personal Experiences

David Hamel, Contactee popular

The Official David Hamel Website on Free Energy, Antigravity, and Alien technology as channeled to him by extra-terrestrials. Hamel discusses men in black, crop circles, metaphysics, atlantis, magnetics, and even ancient ET artifacts.

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UFO Photographs

UFO Pictures and links popular

1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

purported UFO photographs and reviewed links to quality UFO related sites.

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UFO Propulsion

German UFO and forign alien abductions popular

A detailed expose of the The Illuminati sponsored Suppressed German Technology including: Weather Control, Time Travel, Anti-Gravity, Virus Creation, UFO's, and Alien collaborations including expeditions to the Antarctic to explore Nazi Germany's hidden UFO Bases.

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UFO Radio Shows


Discussing UFOs, Visitors, government conspiracies, Operation 911, Bush, Cheney, New World Order.

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UFO Theories

The Official Deeper Truth Website popular

New York City journalist Richard R. Cassaro has uncovered what he describes as "the great secret the American Government has been hiding regarding the existence of intelligent life watching over earth." According to Mr. Cassaro, the "great secret" is encrypted in the mysterious symbols of THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES, the two hundred year old document displayed on the back of the one dollar bill.

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