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Shadowpeoplebooks popular

What is the real purpose of life? Where did it originate? Who or what is God? If there is a Supreme Being, who or what created him? How old is the universe? What was before the Universe? How big is the Universe? Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos? Are they friendly? Have they visited earth? Do they want to? Is there really paranormal activity? If so, what is its purpose? Can man utilize his brain to achieve alter levels of reality? Do you want to know the answers to these questions? Many people do but are afraid to seek the answers. Centuries of training by organized religious beliefs has resulted in feelings of guilt for many when searching for answers that seem to conflict with religious beliefs. The quest for the truth is never wrong. Just as there is always more than one side to a story in a modern day courtroom, there must be more than one side to the story of mankind’s history. It is said that history is written by the victors…so what really happened? Shadow People Books are the products of the imagination of Louis Poessel. A student of the many possibilities in the unknown and unproven, Louis believes that there is much more to our existence than we realize. His stories offer the science fiction fan a different twist to the traditional and subject matter for his books and writings can be controversial. Exploration of the unknown presents fascinating topics. Today’s theories include the ‘string theory’ as well as alternate or parallel universes. If in fact this proves to be correct, the ‘big bang’ theory becomes an event that may be a common occurrence. What implications might it have for man and our reality? Perhaps the great distances of the cosmos are but micro measurements in a colossal system of some sort. Or maybe our universe is a microscopic system. We already know that time measured in human terms seems to be an insignificant measure when compared to whatever or whoever this system really is. Perhaps we were never meant to find answers to questions that seem beyond the scope of our understanding. Maybe life and in turn intelligent life is simply a parasite that clings to a system ever changing. Great minds of the past have provided the basic tools of discovery. Today finding the ‘theory of everything’ is the goal of many. Tomorrow may bring with it answers to many questions but more importantly it will bring more questions that need answers! Those who search will surely discover situations that seem impossible, but only those that dare confront the unknown will find answers in the pages of Shadow People Books. Available in fine bookstores everywhere or online from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or directly from the publisher.

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Alien Conspiracy

Unknown Universe popular

9 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

My site is really searching for some truth within the web of lies in an easy to read manor to do with Aliens UFOs and space exploration. There includes up to date news about paranormal activities and space information.

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Weird Events popular

Links to weird, strange and the Unusual. From aliens and UFO's to the Paranormal. Funny and thought provoking stories of human Interest

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Ancient Civilizations


The syllables AH, MU ,VAN defines the primordial God AHMUVAN who also functions as a COSMIC MAN in terms of identity construction for a NATURAL MAN from pre-history to the present and AHMUVAN bridges the link to the process of CULTURAL CONTINUITY from pre-history to the present and parallels MURUKAN who is the God of Tamil language. The word AHMUVAN defines the MICRO-MACRO CORRESPONDENCE in terms of ART, MYTH, ASTRONOMY and ARCHITECTURE in Indian cultural and religious context and AHMUVAN as a LORD OF SPACE AND TIME has played a key role in RITUAL CHRONOMETRY. The festivals that are being conducted for God MURUKAN in Asia justify his relationship to AHMUVAN and the words AHMUVAN and MURUKAN have stood as a definition of RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL SYMBOLISM in time and space over several millenniums from Indus valley to Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

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Ancient Mysteries

UCADIA.The Sol Code popular

The SOL CODE is based on an idea that within the 3 billion bases of DNA within every cell of every human is coded proteins that code the deepest knowledge of the universe. Its origin is an an accident at the time of genetically creating humans by our alien forefathers. We call this code the SolCode and it is the source of the UCADIAN model. This is what we mean by every person having a “soul”- every person having the ability to wake up to the knowledge within themselves.

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Anomalies and Science > Anomalous Objects popular

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote) brings to you information on Mars, UFO's and ancient civilizations.

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Crop Circles

Crop circles, prophecies, and the Bible Code popular

Crop circles are prophecies in the Book of Revelation. King James Bible Code matrices on crop circles.

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Cryptozoology > Bigfoot

Texas Bigfoot Research Center popular

A comprehensive site about Bigfoot, focusing on reported sightings, investigation and field research in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana.

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Bigfoot Archive popular

A site dedicated to the archival of bigfoot articles, pictures, sounds and movies across the Internet. All information will contain a link to the original information. The purpose is to archive so that none of the Bigfoot information is lost as so much of it has been in the past.

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Cryptozoology > Rods

rods popular

6 out of 10 stars (4 votes)

Rods are insects caught in the act of flying by a video camera. Some hoaxers or very imaginative people have been maintaining that rods are actually some sort of unknown life form of alien origin. But, according to Doug Yanega of the Entomology Department at the University of California at Riverside and a member of the Straight Dope Science Advisory Board, rods are

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Current UFO News

Alien Informants popular

1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Current UFO and Anomalous News. Men in Black Section, UFO Cospiracy Section, and all the best books by Branton.

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Masters of Chaos popular

This site is all about different Doomsday scenarios. It serves as tribute to all forms of chaos, including aliens, bigfoot, and natural disasters.

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NASA popular brings to you information on Mars, UFO's and ancient civilizations.

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Near Death Experiences

Ripples In Our Lives popular

5 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

The unique part of this story is after his near death experience. David developed “ripples” in his fingernails. When the ripples were present in his fingernails, he had a connection to the spirit world and the paranormal. After extensive research and interviews on the Internet, David discovered many people with near death experiences had the ripples too! To him, the ripples meant that the near death experience survivors were touched by God.

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DarkTheory! Free Paranormal Community popular

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Free paranormal community offering free forums, theory promotions, user journals, stoy archives, downloads, links and more...

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Everything Paranormal popular

7 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

We cover and investigate paranormal activities such as UFO and Alien, Ghost, Metaphysical, Out of Body, channeling, spirit guides, remote viewing, meditation and dreams.

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Diary of ghostly happenings at the admins house! popular

9 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

This is a great little site which has a diary section explaining about the ghostly happenings at the admins site. There is also a gallery, forum and essays section. The admin is trying to create a friendly community where people can exchange their views and expereinces with other like minded people.

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Paranormal Skeptics

"BadPsychics" popular

10 out of 10 stars (8 votes)

The UK's best sceptical look at psychics and mediums. Fan of Most Haunted? Think Derek Acorah is really psychic? Come to BadPsychics and have everything you ever believed blown to shreds. We have many exclusive interviews and full reviews and reports on many psychics.

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Remote Viewing

LIVE Remote Viewing Area 10 Cameras popular

200 Year old southern New Mexico ranch has strange visitors. Access 10 live cameras and see for your self. HIGH ACTIVITY!

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The Occult

666: Bivalent Myth - 666 Calculators Free popular

9 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

Electronic book on the biblical 666 myth. 666 on your phone keyboard. Free 666 calculators and some results. Bivalent Myth and Peaceful Coexistence: God-Satan, Poisons-Antidotes. Origins of the myth and various facts. Haunted Numbers and Free Antidotes.

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UFO Photographs

Jons UFO Galaxy Gallery popular

Browse through alleged UFO photographs from across the globe, and decide for yourself if they could be real, or a hoax. A good collection of pictures awaits your visit to see if the truth really is out there! Also a small amount of alleged Alien photographs are present for your scrutiny.

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UFO Radio Shows

The Cosmic Eye popular

9 out of 10 stars (8 votes)

This show takes you on a cosmic journey where no other radio program has gone before. Join Aleon your host for Ambient meditative space music,Interviews with spiritual Ets from other worlds,the latest space ship reports,and your call-ins are always welcome.This prgram airs every Sunday from 11 AM-12:30 PM Est from the United States coast to coast and globally. We don't cover abductions or negative Ufo topics on the Cosmic Eye there are plenty of other shows that can do that. So if you want to know what the positive ets are up to tune in turn on and space out with CmdrAleon your cosmic host.

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UFO Sightings


10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

OVER 33 YEARS AFTER THE FACT, A FORMER NASA EMPLOYEE REPORTS SEEING A UFO DURING THE APOLLO 15 MISSION AS WELL AS MULTITUDES OF UFO PICTURES IN A CRYPTO ROOM AT NASA As a result of the more recent Jennings program we appear to be receiving a handful of stories that have been neatly tucked away for years. The whole story found in the link below is very lengthy and goes into great detail as to the layout of the various buildings concerned at NASA where this employee worked. Below is an excerpt from the retired NASA fireman who was taking a smoke break with another NASA fireman while seated in an unoccupied viewing room at the Manned Spacecraft Center during Apollo 15 in 1971. \"We entered the viewing room at the end of our patrol, and as was our want, sat at the back of the room to enjoy a pipe. We both smoked a pipe, and the viewing room allowed smokers. We had been there for no longer than fifteen minutes, it may have been longer, but I doubt it, when the stage left door opened and in walked several, at least five of the upper echelon administrators of Johnson Space Center. Uh, it actually wasn\'t called Johnson Space Center at that time; rather the name was Manned Spacecraft Center. Anyway, I do know that one of the people was definitely Chrome Dome, as we were irreverently known to call Dr. Gilruth.\" Please go here for the entire story from the retired NASA fireman and at the same time bringing into picture Apollo 15 once again, journal conversations and attributed photos accordingly. Eileen Nesbitt UFO Casebook, Investigator

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A Super UFO Action Blog popular

10 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

Daily musings on UFOs, Conspiracy Theory, Politics, and Pop Culture.

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Magic Spells, Potions, Rituals, Symbols .... popular

Elegant, modern Energy Magic spells, rituals, potions, meditations, symbols. Also online divination and free mp3 downloads.

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