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Tufts Institute of Cosmology

The Cosmology group at Tufts University with links to other cosmology sites

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Review of Mistake of Einstein

Cosmologists have used recent data to constrain the type of 'dark energy' that may fill all of space.

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Introduction to Cosmology

These notes form an introduction to cosmology with special emphasis on large scale structure, the cmb anisotropy and inflation. In some places a basic familiarity with particle physics is assumed, but otherwise no special knowledge is needed.

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The Big Bang (One more time)

A new model of the universe says it repeats itself in an endless cycle. Article from Christian Science Monitor.

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The BOOMERanG project

Cosmic microwave background mapping project. Press releases and downloadable academic papers.

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Phantom Energy and Cosmic Doomsday

Phantom energy, with negative sum of pressure and energy density, could lead to the universe tearing itself apart in a "Big Rip".

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LAMBDA - Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) archive of science research. CMB data is an important aspect of reseach in cosmology.

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The Cosmic Background Explorer satellite. Instruments, scientific results, related links.

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Messier 81 Internal Motions

van Maanen's astrometrically determined internal motions of the spiral nebula Messier 81.

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The New Religion: Ebook/paperback

This book explores the possibility that today's spiritual seekers need and want more than our world's traditional religions offer. New teachings reportedly given to our world by helpful alien races are considered, along with new concepts regarding mankind's social and spiritual potential.

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