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Paranormal Research Sharing - Missing Time

Missing Time is a peer-to-peer paranormal research sharing resource. Anyone can share articles, photos, stories, research, or sightings by simply linking to the source material. Users can then vote and comment on the articles.

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MASS UFO SHOW - October 14th, 2006

On Saturday, October 14th, 2006 MASS MUFON will be holding a conference in Watertown, Massachusetts featuring Stan Gordon. Stan will present the most recent eye witness accounts to come forward regarding the Kecksburg incident of 1965. Greg Berghorn will speak about acrop circle in Palmer, Mass while Mark Petty speaks of a bizarre abduction case. Special guest is Chris Pittman, Mass MUFON historian. He will speak about a UFO event form the early 17th century on the Charles River in Boston. There will be games, videos and prizes.

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Aztec UFO 2009 - March 27-28

The conference objective is to bring researchers in to discuss UFOs, Exopolitics, sightings, alien abductions and encounters, government cover-ups, crop circles, cattle mutilations, secret underground bases and more. Speakers for 2009 are Dr. Michael Salla, Norio Hayakawa, David Hatcher-Childress, Victoria Liljenquist, Niara Isley and a panel of locals who have experienced close encounters.

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Latest UFO News

Several UFO News Feeds The Latest UFO And UFO Technology News Updated Daily

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Ufoblogger :Uncover The Ufo Truth

This site contain latest ufo news,videos and a widgets which you could be download free for desk top or blog to get latest ufo news in real time.

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Meets The Weird

Join us as we journey off the beaten path to chronicle the weirdest and most bizarre phenomena we can find. UFOs, ghosts, unexplained creatures - nothing is off limits as explore the weird world that surrounds us all.

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Ovnis Dans l'Histoire Tv

O.D.H Tv showing the latest news UFO in France (JT Ovni France every month) and the World. ODH Tv is not a channel but UFO enthusiasts have information videos on dailymotion, youtube, google videos and wat tv. We therefore present the observations, Meals to Come Ufologiques, Conferences, and the Shares. We travel in France to share with you places said UFO hot spot through field reports and meetings with groups of enthusiasts and ufologists.

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