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I_Ching_Sites popular

A Web directory listing dozens of sites related to Taoism and The I Ching.

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Millennium Calendar and I Ching Oracle popular

New I Ching interpretation which blends eastern and western, calendars as an interactive planning guide and oracle. The Millennium Calendar wall calendar, the Spiritual Warrior's I Ching and our latest creation Metaldragon's Heaven Board are three of the many ways to enhance your personal cultivation at this award winning website. Perpetual members enjoy the enhanced version of the online oracle "Spin the Dao", the twenty year ephemeris, various indexes and the Houses of the Kua, this year's new addition.

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I Ching Bookmarks

A comprehensive directory of sites using the key term "I Ching". with a search engine accepting boolean language, news and announcements, and a number of featured I Ching bookmark lists, facilitating I Ching research.

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I Ching Webring

I Ching sites arranged in a ring for sequential and random exploration.

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I Ching Experiences

A growing, international collection of real-life experiences with the I Ching. Visitors are welcome to browse or contribute.

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Clarity: I Ching Readings and Resources

Online I Ching resources including readings, articles, books, software, links, and forum.

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The I Ching on the Net

Link list (all languages) by Greg Whincup, author of a translation of the I Ching.

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Casting I Ching Hexagrams

Methods for casting I Ching hexagrams with a statistical analysis. Also, suggestions for creating new methods are given.

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I Ching Solutions

Joseph D. Leone, I Ching consultant, helps you find inner clarity and outer solutions by using the profound guidance of China's ancient I Ching. He offers readings in person or by telephone, as well as background information.

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I Ching Counseling

Provides information on insight counseling in using the I Ching oracle to work through problems in work, health, and relationships.

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An archive of texts from a variety of mystical perspectives of Confucian, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist character, featuring a focus on Yi Jing (I Ching) and its translation, history, and symbolism. Also includes Chinese text, glossary, bibliography, and link compilations for in-depth study of The Book of Changes.

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I tjing - yi jing - i ching - i ging

This site provides an on line divination in 4 languages. It aims at a genuine experience and does not interpret the oracle too much: please read the explanation page for instructions.

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I Ching - Philosophy and Practice

Provides teachings about philosophy and practice of I Ching or the Book of Changes. Includes online course.

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