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Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

The SIS was formed in 1974 to consider the role global cosmic catastrophes may have played in our history, and even recorded by cultures worldwide in their oral and written ancient traditions. We also consider the effect catastrophes have on other disciplines, such as biology, cosmology, geology, psychology, archaeoastronomy, astrophysics, linguistics, and other areas such as religion.

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The mission of the Alpha Institute is to educate a generation of teachers who will bring a holistic view of education to their students. The Institute supports integrative ways of knowing which emphasize intuition, synthesis, quality, holism and non-linear thinking. See Bulletin #1 - Planet X and the Coming Earth Changes.

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Maps for Hazardous Areas in the United States

This page is STRICTLY to make available ANY and ALL maps that allow visitors to this site to be aware of exactly what they might expect to happen to them in the areas that they live in now or in the future.

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MetaSyn Media Earth Systems Monitor:

Earth changes monitor, earthquake and volcano data base, tectonic monitoring, sunspot activity, weather, drought, economy, stock.

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James M. McCanney, M.S. - Plasma Discharge Comet Model

As a brilliant young astrophysicist, McCanney dared to challenge the purely gravitational model of the solar system and explained a new theory that posits that the entire Solar System is a gigantic electrical capacitor. He showed that objects passing through the solar field can discharge the electrical field, creating chaos from a distance. McCanney disproves the old asteroids as dirty snowballs model propagated by NASA and the scientific establishment and shows how a massive object such as Planet X and large Oort cloud objects dislodged by Planet X as it approaches the solar system could cause massive earth changes even without coming near the earth.

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The Gnosis Movement. Samael Aun Weor wrote about Hercolubus (Planet X) decades before it gained public recognition.Samael Aun Weor left us in December 1977. However, his teachings live on throughout the world as thousands of Gnostic students continue to teach this knowledge. While he himself taught, he never charged for such knowledge and it was his wish that the teachings continue to be disseminated in this manner.

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Sunspot Cycles & Their Impact On Human History by MW Mandeville

What Are Sun Spots: Sunspots are seen as "small" dark spots on the surface of the sun. They are easy to observe and count if the sunlight is strongly filtered. They were first noticed (in Western record) in the year 325 BC by Theophrastus, an Hellenic scientist, and they have been counted on a regular basis since the middle of the 17th century. They come and go in cycles which average about 11 years, as shown in Chart 101 above.

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Big Bear Solar Observatory

"Our main interest is the physics of the Sun and we observe solar phenomena every day with our dedicated telescopes and instruments." Latest solar disk images in white light, Ca-K, and H-Alpha. Click to see larger view. MPEGs of solar activity, virtual observatory, resources, links.

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Mauna Loa Solar Observatory Analysis Center

A suite of instruments designed to observer the solar atmosphere at a variety of heights; solar oscillations; radial velocity of the surface; current solar images.

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Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Lab

The Soft X-ray Telescope on board the Yohkoh satellite was designed to study the hottest part of the Sun's atmosphere (the corona). Because the corona is so hot (2 million degrees) it is best seen by detecting the X-rays it emits. The images above show the most recent image of the whole sun (left) and a close-up of the brightest active region (right), the location of which is shown on the inset grid. Click on either of the above images to see a larger version.

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National Institute of Astrophysics in Italy

Ground-Based Observatories The following is a list of all known ground-based solar observatories that operate on a routine basis to obtain scientific observations of the sun. The observatories are sorted according to longitude, from east to west. There 100 observatories on the list and 180 separate "instruments". Please send any corrections or updates to For a less detailed listing of the observatories, click here.

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Digital World Tectonic Activity Map

This large world map shows the most active earthquake and tectonic activity areas. More detailed views and additional technical earthquake data is also accessible.

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Southwest Volcano Research Center - Alerts

These award winning pages contain information about current eruptions from around the globe and on-going research into the forecasting of the volcanic eruptions of many of the world's volcanoes including some of the world's most dangerous volcanoes.

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Earth Changes are here and now

Earth Changes - Polar Shift? Evolution in consciousness? The approach of the 12th planet Nibiru/Marduk?, Millennium prophecies and much more. Many cultures have pointed to the times that we are living in as a period of change and upheaval. Are the Earth Change prophecies real?

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Prophecy and Earth Changes

The Role of The Prophet Some say the role of the prophet is to show what could be so that we may make changes now to prevent certain unfavorable events from manifesting. If that is the role of the prophet, so be it. If the role of the prophet is to show what is coming, then let us be aware. Let us know what might happen, and live with that knowledge as time passes and the time of predicted events approaches.

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Earth Changes on MAAR

"You now face a new world, a world of change. We speak in strange terms, of harnessing the cosmic energy, of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy." "The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets." -General Douglas MacArthur- Oct. 8, 1955

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