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Spirit Online Spiritual/Occult Resources

Occult, religion, and metaphysics. Information on Wicca, dreams, astral travel, Buddhism, and related topics.

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Mage's Guide to the Internet

Directory of forums and text files with a broad spectrum of opinion on arcane, occult, and mystical subjects of interest to the working magician.

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The Mystica

Encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, and the paranormal.

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Nequaquam Vacuum

An occult portal to links, occult art, articles and includes a message board.

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The Philosophers Stone

Articles on occult subjects and related fields, including reference information and where to find the books. Newsgroup listings, reviews of classic books and listings of events around the globe.

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Dark Net Search Engine

Alternative search engine packed with information on vampirism, magick, astrology and many more occult paths.

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Social Paranormal is for everyone who desires to share awareness, books, websites, links, articles, friends, and topics and categories dealing with the paranormal and ufos.

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