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A group of mages based in northern New Jersey who have been active as a group for the past 10 years. They practice a non-ritual form of magic based on the original concepts and research of Arthur, the founder of Omnimancy and this group.

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The Gnostic Pagan Tradition

A cultural fusion based on traditional Gnosticism, Thelema, transphysics, historical materialism and Jungian psychology.

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Temple of the Seekers

Group for the study and practice of Ceremonial Magick located in Boston, MA.

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The London Lodge of the Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society. It is a practical magick group which meets regularly for rituals in London.

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The New Alexandrian Library Project

An esoteric library building project, located in Delaware.

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Company of Avalon

Explores the western mystery tradition in the style of Dion Fortune, Bligh Bond and other Avalonians. Correspondance courses offered in magick and the kaballah.

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Religio Perennis

Religioperennis is dedicated to the Perennialist school of Rene Guenon and F. Schuon. It includes a database on the traditionalist/perennialist school, and an online library on the major spiritual traditions.

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Ozarks Highland Order of Penumbra

The Ancient Wisdom as revealed to the Penumbran Magi. Creation; the relation of God to humankind, and the ways in which humans participate in the continuing creative process - which some have called magic.

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Grand Lodge Communitas Saturni

Hermetic and occult Saturn community founded on the works of Gregor A. Gregorius.

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