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The Tunguska Mystery


Submitted: Thu Sep 30 2010
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CT: General UFO Sites: The Tunguska Mystery
Last Modified: Wed Jun 29 2011

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The summer of 1908 witnessed the arrival of an unknown space body and an explosion over the Tunguska forest in Central Siberia that could have flattened any major city on Earth. The Tunguska explosion has been widely publicized for decades, yet both the public and the scientific community still seem unaware of the true contents of this amazing puzzle. The key publications are in Russian, so language has been a barrier to understanding the evidence of what took place. Most people think that the Tunguska event was explained long ago by scientists who study meteorites – that it was either a stony meteorite or the icy core of a comet. But these assumptions are not so tenable as their supporters would like to think. The Tunguska event remains an enigma in its second century of existence as perplexing as it has been throughout the past century. And what Russian scientists have discovered in recent decades is both astounding and reliable, and will cause some eyebrows to be raised.

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