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Exorcism - Clearing



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From spirit clearing to leyline relocation, you'll find it here at Moonslipper. There is a monthly paranormal diary about our spirit clearing work, a book review giving you honest opinions about the latest spiritual & metaphysical books, also tips and advice on Ghosts & Spirits, Spirit Clearing, Ley Lines, Crystal Healing and much more. Plus friendly advice if you need it!

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Ghostbuster Gals popular

Fast, friendly ghost removal. Ghost busting is their business and they're dead serious about their profession.(but they can't get their ad in the yellow pages)

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Haunted Help

Individualized help for those experiencing hauntings, free psychic readings

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Paranormal Phenomena At Home

Devoted to cleaning up homes from any kind of paranormal phenomena that could be affecting health and wellbeing.

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The Last Resort for Ghost And Negative Entity Removal

the first professional and accountable entity removal firm in the world who provides a verification tool for clients to control and confirm the result of the removal and 10-years guarantee.

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