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Northern Ghost Investigations

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A North East of England based paranormal investigation group first established in 2005 and today, going from strength to strength. What? You thought ghost groups like this only existed on TV? No!! We're real life ghost hunters! And we're not all mad either! We enjoy spending our time clambouring over ruined castle walls, marching headlong down dark spooky corridors, sitting in icey puddles out in the middle of nowhere and searching for ghosts and ghoulies in pubs, hotels, abandoned houses and museums all over! And these are real haunted places we go to with real ghosts! Again - we're not all mad - but the majority of us have to be! The purpose of this website is to tell you a little about us and to give you a sense of what we do and what we experience on a ghost investigation. And if you feel you'd like to join us one night- then you can! We often run public ghost tours where guests join us on a night and share in this truly remarkable thing we do. You'll love it. Happy ghost hunting!

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FPI - Florida Paranormal Investigation

1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

A new twist on an old subject. Retired law enforcement agents bring real investigative techniques and experience to ascertain the credibility of paranormal activity. Free investigations to individuals and also cooperation with those involved in the paranormal.

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L.I.F.E. Foundation Inc.

Nonprofit organization that refers people to a paranormal investigator in their region.

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Adsagsona Paranormal Society

Their goals include investigating ghosts in order to gather evidence of the existence of life beyond the physical realm and to offer paranormal education to the public.

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We are a non-profit organization in the pursuit of the truth behind paranormal activity in and around Alberta Canada. Our site consists of the result of our investigations including photos, evp's, and videos. Have something you would like investigated? We will be happy to come out and do a free investigation for you. We also accept photos and stories from others. Visit our forum to share your stories, or to seek advice from our experts. We are the True Paranormal Site in Alberta.

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Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire

A UK based paranormal investigation team researches into all aspects of ghosts and spirituality. There is a wealth of real video footage, spooky pictures and some unbelievable EVP recordings.

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memphis ghost hunters

the oldest and only real ghost hunters in memphis tennessee. we have the evidence proving spirits do exist. we find your ghosts and we send them packing! ALL FREE!! unlike our "competition" we don't sell you overpriced equipment and we don't charge you to take phony ghost tours.

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Allegany Investigations of the Paranormal

Located in South Western New York state. We strive to enlarge, and propel the paranormal field with our efforts.

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Cuyahoga Valley Paranormal

We are a paranormal investigative team doing serious investigations in Ohio and surrounding areas. We use the most current investigation techniques combined with historic research to obtain evidence of the life after death and to preserve history. Cuyahoga Valley Paranormal members come together with a common passion to investigate, experience, and validate the paranormal through scientific means. We assist each other in obtaining facts and displacing unwarranted rumors about paranormal occurrences and the controversial world which predeceases us. We investigate the outdoors, homes and businesses free of charge.

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The National Paranormal Society

The National Paranormal Society was started in 2009 for the purpose of researching the paranormal and to prove the existence by finding some of the most haunted places and finding evidence of the paranormal. We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the research of the paranormal. Our group is made up of individuals who want to investigate the paranormal. The mission of the National Paranormal Society is to discover the unknown truths of the paranormal.

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