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A Live Ghost WebCam popular

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Come and see if you can spot Jane the ghost live through the webcam.

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Weird and Spooky Places

Some of the spookiest places on Earth, where weird, sometimes terrifying, but always unexplainable things happen.

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Haunted Places

Directory of haunted places listed by country and state.

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Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary

Info about the Ghosts and Legends tour of this great ship. Facts about the "haunted" Queen Mary. Also a few links to other paranormal web sites, and some chat rooms to share your experiences or just your thoughts.

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Ether's Scribe Famous Hauntings

Famous hauntings from around the world. Written by an active ghost investigator, some of these stories have been featured on the Shadowlands.

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Hollow Hill

Accounts of hauntings, and a list of haunted locations. Information about Faeries and magical creatures as well.

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Adventures in the Bridgewater Triangle: I Want to Believe

One geek's humorous adventures in the Bridgewater Triangle - Massachusetts premier paranormal hotspot. Topics include a are not limited to: Ghosts, UFOs, crypto zoology, ESP, psychic phenomena, Bigfoot and other oddities. Come here and share your stories and experiences in haunted New England!

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Beyond Death's Door

Exploring what is beyond death and other mysteries.

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