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Ghost Files

Ouija board experiences, psychic abilities, encounters with ghosts, haunted houses, and various other paranormal related stories. Spirit photography and links are also included.

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Something Wicked

Hauntings, ghost hunting, real ghost stories, and pictures. Also, a collection of links to ghost hunting organizations around the world.

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High Ghostly Presence

Photos of cemetery ghosts, or so called unexplained. Extreme high energies of ghosts lurking in a cemetery.

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Ghost Haunts

Ghosts, ghost stories, haunted houses, haunted places, cemeteries, and paranormal research.

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Transcommunication Video & Audio

Transcommunication is a recording technique used to research paranormal(spirit/ghost)images and voices which opens possibilities of communicating with the beyond.

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A portal site featuring paranormal research, stories, and evidence. Haunted locations, people, and places are researched and presented in detail.

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Explains the concept of Ghosts or Jinns, their origin and how they survive on the planet according to Islam.

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Shadow's Ghostly Gathering

True ghost stories, evps, photographs, multimedia, and a haunted places directory. Submissions accepted

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Coffee Pot Ghost

Brewing up a pot full of electronic voice phenomena by the shores of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay.

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The Tangled Forest

Hosts ghosts and hauntings, modern witches, history of witches, superstitions, and the supernatural and mysterious.

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Ghouls 'N Goblins

Come visit some of the creepiest sites on the web.

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Small Town Ghosts

The Small Town Ghosts Team investigates ghosts and hauntings in western Illinois and eastern Iowa. Using science and intuition, we look for evidence which supports or does not support the allegation of a haunting. As paranormal social workers, we help families deal with their ghosts, often ending the haunting.

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Phantasm Psychic Research

Founded in 1994 by Dave Considine, one of only a few lay religious demonologists in North America, Phantasm Psychic Research is an organization dedicated to aiding individuals and families whose lives have been affected by the supernatural and preternatural realms. Since its inception, Phantasm PSI has helped many persons who have found themselves in the grip of the beings that inhabit that realm of existence. Phantasm PSI investigates and corroborates accounts of supernatural activity, and helps to bring closure to these instances by working with the proper authorities, usually the clergy.

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The Ghosts of Tennessee

It is the mission of our site to document the ghosts and stories of Tennessee, the famous and the not so famous, the scary and the sad. Currently, we have listed over 130 different locations from over one-third of Tennessee's 95 counties. Many more will be added as they're researched.

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Adsagsona Paranormal Society

The APS extends its membership internationally via the World Wide Web, with members consisting of everyday people from all walks of life. Our goals are to investigate ghosts and hauntings in order to gather evidence of the existence of life beyond the physical realm, to offer paranormal education to the public, to assist others with spirit presences in their lives, and to further paranormal research as an acceptable scientific endeavor. Our Website features articles on ghosts and other paranormal subjects as well as listings of haunted places around the nation.

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Contains information pertaining to the demonic female spirit known as a succubus including art, poetry, stories, history, articles, books, media, and products.

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Deadframe Paranormal Research Group

The Deadframe Paranormal Research Group is a paranormal investigation team located in Northern Ohio.

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Paranormal Storm

Deep from the darkness they come. A raging storm of paranormal energy. What do they want, what do they seek? Join us as we explore the unknown.

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