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Government Coverup: Satire





Asserts that the Telletubbies television series projects subliminal pro-communist messages. Includes an episode watch and reported findings.

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Circling the Square

Weblog addresses current events based on the theory that the apocalypse is near and that black-ops forces manipulate everyday life. Includes submission guidelines and archives.

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The Truth About Black Helicopters

Reveals that black helicopters are autonomous agents created to spy on North Americans. Includes information about their reproductive cycle.

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Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Offers a simple and inexpensive solution to combating mind-control. Includes maintenance instructions, testimonials and a history of aluminum and psychotronics.

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Mars Pathfinder Mission

Offers photographs from the Pathfinder mission that reveal the presence of life on Mars. Includes guest-written articles on topics such as Martian rays, space bats, and what happens while in suspended animation.

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The Choot

Explains how the Choot, in cahoots with Sun Microsystems, have launched a dastardly plan to enslave the human race. Includes photographs.

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World's Stupidest Conspiracies

Contains publicly submitted conspiracies. Topics include Martians, psychic gypsies and secret agent math teachers.

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Canadian World Domination

Outlines plans for Canadian supremacy. Includes zoning plans, FAQ, plans and press releases.

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MI5 Espionage Solutions

Works to protect the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from subterfuge, terrorism, subversion and all other forms of badness and evil. Includes employment opportunities and an list of enemies.

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The Paranoia Files

Offers untrue news about spycams, alien cats and toilet listening devices. Features polls.

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Secrets of the Royal Canadian Snow Police

Outlines plans for global domination, by a fictional Canadian force. Includes plans for self-defense and favorite games of the snow police.

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ID Chip

Fake organization that implants identification chips below the skin to track web users.

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My Name is Phil

Offers proof of personal transmissions from aliens. Includes video and audio clips.

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