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Oxford Hypnotherapy

Oxford Hypnotherapy was established and is maintained by Eddie Lester, a qualified and registered hypnotherapist who has spent years running busy hypnotherapy practices in Oxfordshire and training students in Hypnotherapy, stress management and practical applications of hypnosis.

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Human Trinity Hypnotherapy: over 75 articles on hypnosis & related subjects

The foundation of my work in hypnotherapy is based on the human trinity, thus Human Trinity Hypnotherapy. I believe each person is a trinity within him/herself - made up of body, mind and spirit. Though these three aspects of being are different, they are an integrated whole, whereby an individual cannot affect one area without having an effect on the other two. Accepting this theory of the human trinity, one understands life moves more smoothly when these three are working in harmony. Hippocrates wrote "For this is the great error of our day that the physicians separate the soul from the body."

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Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis, Inc.

Specialties/Training Private & Group Sessions Behavioral Hypnosis Weight/Diet Control Motivation & Goal Achievement Sports Performance Stress Management Self-Hypnosis Instruction Clinical, Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Anesthesia Hypnotherapy Immune System Hypnotherapy Addictions Hypnotherapy EEG Biofeedback Metaphysical Hypnosis Professional Speaking Services Fitness & Nutrition Interpersonal Relationships

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NLP Information and Articles about NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an exciting, and totally new technology. This web site is more than just a web site -- it is an NLP experience. Our intention is to introduce NLP to those new to it and to provide a place for the community of interested individuals where the NLP resources on the web and in the world can be accessed. Our listings are non-biased and we play no favorites. After you have browsed our site for awhile, please take the time to fill out our feedback form.

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Hypnosis, EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy in Oxford

Hypnotist Richard MacKenzie's Oxfordshire hypnotherapy practice is where he has sessions with clients from all over the community in the South-East of England. Richard aims to help you set and achieve your goals and to enjoy life in full. Stop smoking, lose weight and learn stress management with Hypnotherapist Richard MacKenzie today!

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Hypnosis That Works

Provides information on hypnosis as well as links to various studies and resources to help you achieve your goals today.

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Self Hypnosis Explore Your Powers by Self Hypnosis.

Well, nothing to worry. For your all problems here is a solution & only one solution 'Self hypnosis'.

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Hypnotism for Self Improvement, Reiki Sessions & Training

Make Positive Changes*Hypnosis Works! Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Improve Memory, Manage Stress, Past Life Exploration, Have More Confidence, Excel in Sports, Live Better NOW! Reiki Training I, II and Master/Teacher, Reiki Sessions for Wellness and Chakra Balancing Live and Love Life! Meditation Workshops, Stress Management Workshops, Past Life Exploration and more!

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Jane Robinson, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychoanalyst

Professional and confidential help with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addictions, weight control, phobias and sexual problems in Pafos, Cyprus. Also audio hypnosis downloads.

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Hypnosis at Wings of Inspiration

Hypnosis for smoking cessation, losing weight, improving memory, excelling in a sport, more self confidence, past life exploration, stress management and much more!

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Troye the Hip Hypnotist

Troye the Hip Hypnotist: Stage Hypnotist, hypnotherapist, NLP master, avatar Master, Reiki practitioner.

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free information on self-hypnosis

This blog is designed to give you free information on self-hypnosis and personal growth. Self-hypnosis helps you to have a better understanding of yourself. More you understand yourself more fulfill your life will be. You will find during self-hypnosis, you will be asked to look for something in your own life experience. If you take few moments necessary to personalize the techniques for yourself, you will reach your goals

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