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Mars: Life on Mars

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Life on Mars


Blue Sky on Mars Pathfinder and Viking Pictures [] popular

The original raw image data from Viking and Pathfinder show blue sky.

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Life on Mars? []

The discovery of Mars meteorite ALH84001 and debate about the findings of ancient Martian life contained within. The Viking experiments and the debate about the results of the Labeled Release experiment. The implications if Mars life is found.

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Life on Mars and Europa Space Exploration Page

Images and facts about the possibility of life on Mars, Europa, and current exploration projects.

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Debate on Mars Life Rages Long after Viking

Scientific re-consideration of possible evidence of biological processes on Mars from Viking Lander data.

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Martian meteorite debate rages on

News article examining controversy caused by studies of Martian meteorite ALH 84001 which may contain organic compounds.

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Red Planet Life

Seven short articles regarding life on mars, extra terrestrial life, and man getting to mars.

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International Committee Against Mars Sample Return

Educational website concerning planetary protection, forward contamination of Mars, and back contamination of Earth by microbes.

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