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Kirlian Photography



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Aura Photography popular

One of the guests on my talk show brought his Krilian camera. You place your hand in a box and he photographs the energies of your fingertips. As with the other picture, above, it is picking up your energy fields. My picture had a little extra what else is new!

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Kirlian photography and auras

In 1939, Semyon Kirlian discovered by accident that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a high-voltage electric field, an image is created on the plate. The image looks like a colored halo or coronal discharge. This image is said to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or "life force" which allegedly surrounds each living thing.

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kirlian research,kirlian photography,homoeopathy ...

Full Spectrum is headed by Nigel Garion Hutchings DHM FBIH DipHE (Steiner), Kirlian Photographer, Stress management consultant, author and homoeopathic prescriber. Nigel has been investigating and lecturing on the subjects of Kirlian photography, human energy fields and homoeopathy for over 20 years. In that time he has presented Kirlian photography all over the world.

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Kirlian & Aura Photography

Kirlian photography is a means of taking pictures of the nonmaterial world without a camera. It provides a way of viewing the unseen patterns of energy and force fields that probably permeate all substances. It offers us a tool with which to view both art and science. The technique can serve as a medical diagnostic instrument, too. The Kirlian effect is useful for recording energy balances and harmonies in all forms of life.

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Kirlian photography

A photographic process that captures the auras or biofields of persons or objects within the photograph. The technique involves the photographing of subjects in the pressence of a high-frequency, high-voltage, low-amperage-electrical field, which display glowing, multicolored emanations known as auras or biofields. The process of Kirlian photography is named after Seymon Kirlian, an amateur inventor and electrician of Krasnodar, Russia, who pioneered the first efforts on the process in the early 1940s. Even thought the process has produced results it still is controversial.

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Named after Semyon Kirlian

Psychic healers and Uri Geller were photographed with hares of light streaming from their fingertips when engaged in their respective activities. Some Kirlian enthusiasts consider the phantom leaf phenomenon as evidence for the existence of an etheric body.

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Mystic Eye Kirlian Photography Information!

Bio-Electrography, or Kirlian photography, has its roots in observations on star-like patterns produced in resin dust by electrical discharges made by the German physicist and philosopher Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) in 1777. Lichtenberg was also the first to observe a corona discharge from a human hand. After the introduction of photography, the Czech physicist Batholomew Navratil (1848-1927) and the Polish-Russian electrotherapist, engineer and physician Yakov Narkiewicz-Yodko (1848-1904)

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