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'Alien Covenant' to Get Pioneering Audio-Personalized TV Ads in U.K. - Variety ufo

Fox will utilize the new offering in its campaign for the U.K. release of Ridley Scott's “Alien Covenant,” which opens in the U.K. on May 12. All 4 users will see a clip from the latest entry in the long-running horror franchise, enhanced by a ...

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'Alien' Evolution: Explore Every Stage in the Xenomorph's Gruesome Life Cycle - Yahoo Movies ufo

Alien” and its many sequels and prequels have always been about transformation. The creature itself is constantly changing, as are those unfortunate enough to encounter it. As you celebrate Alien Day — celebrated on April 26 because the original film ...

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'GIANT LEAP' Is this 'footprint' on Mars evidence something has walked on Red Planet? - ufo

It is not the first time that alien chasers have claimed to see footprints on the surface of Mars. A number of rover images were highlighted that appeared to show complete trainer prints, complete with the tread. However, it later turned out they had ...

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Alien Internecivus Raptus from Sideshow is Here - ufo

On the eve of World Alien Day, Sideshow Collectibles has debuted the latest addition to their gorgeous Alien statue collection. Capturing one of the most iconic movie creatures ever committed to the big screen, check out the glory of the Alien ...

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Alien news: 'SPACESHIP' UFO changes colour in INCREDIBLE footage - Daily Star ufo

The odd diamond-shaped object apparently appeared in the night sky over the San Fernando Valley, in the US state of California. It was reportedly filmed two weeks ago and posted on video-sharing site YouTube. In the clip, the object appears to move ...

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Aliens could tune into drama about extra-terrestrials after audiobook is beamed into space for first ufo

Hundreds of people witnessed a one-of-a-kind event last night as an audiobook was beamed into SPACE for the first time ever. Designed for both earthlings and aliens alike to intercept, the audio drama Alien: River of Pain was transmitted from the Royal ...

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Aliens may have existed in our solar system long before us - New York Post ufo

The solar system humanity calls home may have once been inhabited by an extinct species of spacefaring aliens, a top scientist has suggested. A space scientist has suggested ancient extraterrestrials could have lived on Mars, Venus or even Earth before ...

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Be the alien you want to see in the theaters with the new Alien: Covenant VR experience - TechCrunch ufo

As part of the media push surrounding the premiere of Alien: Covenant (set to debut May 19th), Twentieth Century Fox and its compatriots are offering up a VR teaser — Alien: Covenant In Utero. This non-Nirvana-related short puts an audience inside the ...

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Check Out the Mondo Alien Day 2017 Offerings - Film - /FILM ufo

All the exclusive Mondo Alien Day 2017 offerings available at their online shop have been revealed, including an awesome vinyl set with Tyler Stout artwork.

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Empire's Special Alien: Covenant Virtual Reality Issue Revealed - Empire ufo

Arriving on Alien Day, 26 April (a nod to planet LV-426), we can proudly present the UK's first ever Virtual Reality magazine. Only 10,000 copies of the limited edition issue will be released, each containing a VR headset to be used with a smartphone.

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Illegal alien charged with sexual abuse of a child - The Alexander City Outlook ufo

A 29-year-old illegal alien who has been living in Alexander City is in the Tallapoosa County Jail after he was arrested by Alexander City Police for sexual abuse of a child. Officials confirmed that Maximino DeJesus Hernandez, 29, was arrested last ...

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See Mondo's Alien Day Vinyl, T-Shirt, and Pins | Collider - ufo

We've got a first look at Mondo's Alien Day offerings, including a Tyler Stout 4XLP vinyl of the original score, a Tyler Stout t-shirt, and DKNG pins.

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UFO hunter claims to have spotted an 'ancient tree stump' on Mars - AOL ufo

If UFO hunters are to be believed, Mars is one of our solar system's most bustling ecosystems, full of wildlife and ancient history. And a recent "discovery" made by a well-known alien enthusiast appears to support that theory. Paranormal Crucible ...

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