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Practices and Ceremonies



Dream Feather

Ceremonies and celebrations which draw from various ancient spiritual traditions, including sacred sound vocalizations, sacred feminine moon ceremonies, and ancient meditations.

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Hero's Journey Programs

Offering adventures into the human spirit through life initiations and vision quests, mens councils, drumming groups, family adventure programs, and a womans circle.

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Medicine Power

Dedicated to the opening of body, mind and soul through traditional and contemporary teachings, includes workshops, drumming and drum-making circles, and eco-tours.

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A Place of the Heart Spiritual Center

Interfaith spiritual gatherings and practices including sweat lodges, healing energy exchanges, talking circles, and group meditations, with service schedule, related articles, and preparation instructions. Located in Pioneer, Tennessee.

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Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge

A center for the practice of esoteric healing, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, metaphysics, and shamanic ceremonial rituals, includes ceremony descriptions, schedules, and message board. Located in California.

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Spirit Path to the Amazon

Utilizing all the divine wisdom available to humanity to achieve infinite potential through workshops, retreats, tribal ceremonies, meditations, and mystical tours.

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Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing

Offers various experiential approaches to personal transformation including vision quests, spiritual retreats, and intensive short term counseling in natural settings. Based in Topanga, CA.

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The Center for Life Passages

Offering wilderness vision quests, rite of passage programs, art therapy and dream groups, life transitions counseling, and men's programs. Locations in Mountain View, San Jose, and Santa Cruz, California.

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Earths Echo Expeditions

Guided wilderness journeys, spiritual retreats, vision quests, and rites of passage for women and men. Located in Clarksdale, Arizona.

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Ancient Healing Ways

Nature-based healing practices and ceremonies including rites of passage, vision fasts, and spiritual growth journeys. Based in the UK.

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Heart of the Earth

Meditation tours, sacred feminine rituals, vision quests, and shamanic journeys in the Sinai Desert.

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Spirit Horse Foundation

Introductory and in-depth ceremonial workshops, enlightenment intensives, song drum dance summer camps, and spiritual retreats. Located in London.

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Earthen Spirituality Project

Workshops, personal quests, and wilderness retreats in New Mexico. Includes program schedules, womens center, and testimonials.

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Earth Dance

Multicultural gathering for the unity of all creation, bringing together all races, religions, and tribes to bring joy back to the people and the earth. Includes vision, schedule, and protocol.

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