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Underground extraterrestrial and terrestrial UFO bases all around the world ? the 2012 effect

The manifestation of weakened crust under the ocean as well as surface of the earth can be catastrophic. Massive earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis can engulf the whole world in 2012.

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Incident At Exeter: a new perspective

This event occurred in September 1965 and was the icing on the cake regarding UFO sightings. That fall many notable sighting were witnessed and thoroughly researched. The incidents included an encounter at Pease Air Force Base. The air force tried to cove

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Many Apparitions of Mary may be Tricksters but the Real Mary was not!

Regan Lee's August 6 article in UFO Digest, 'Speculation on Mary as a Trickster' was most fascinating. I would tend to agree with her that many if not all of the apparitions of Mary whether they are on a barn or on a tortilla or in the skies above Lourd

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Close Encounters of the Biblical Kind

What is a Close Encounter? For edification, here are the categories of close encounters as presented, with some humor, at the 19th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference: 1. When you see a flying saucer (disc, cigar, spheroid, what have you), that's an encounter (

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Alien Civilations Exist!: A True Alien and UFO Story

When I was a young girl before I started school, somewhere between three and five, I was taken (by extraterrestrials) on a ride (on an UFO) and brought back and left alone. I have strong memories of this incident. At the time I apparently had been gone fo

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Talking To The Gods

The flood caused by Nibiru/Eris when the planet entered our solar system for the penultimate time, nearly 7200 years ago, destroyed the cities of gods and their mines and made impossible for archeologists to discover the remaining sites/ruins. Today, only

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Interview with the Ghost Hunter

Over the past two weeks I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Hans Holzer, the internationally known writer, parapsychologist and university professor and father of Alexandra Holzer, a contributing writer to UFODigest. Mr. Holzer has written over 140 boo

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UFO over Split

Received the following eyewitness account from Piotr Cielebias who operates the websites NPN and the NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal in Poland. The eyewitness has provided his account of the sighting, a video of the sighting and several frames from

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Mount Washington UFO

This is a photo of a UFO I took at Mt. Washington in June while standing in the parking lot of the visitor's center where the auto road to the top of the mountain begins. I was taking pictures of the mountains when I noticed this object flying around erra

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Patrick Cooke's The Bible and the Paranormal: What he failed to tell you

Patrick Cooke was absolutely correct that the Bible is full of examples of various types of paranormal phenomena. It is also full of incest, murder, rape and homosexuality. Just because a person has the potential to do these things doesn't't mean that th

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The Bible and the Paranormal: A Response to Stephen Yulish's Rebuttal

This is a response a series of rebuttals to specific points found in my article 'The Bible and the Paranormal - A New Perspective' by Dr. Stephen Yulish. I would like to state that I know and respect Dr. Yulish, although I obviously do not always agree w

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