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Since 1977, the national space agency of France CNES has been helping civilian and military authorities understand the precise nature of Un-identified Aerospace Phenomena (PAN). The unit involved is the Rare Aerospace Phenomena Study Department (SEPRA) based at the CNES technical centre in Toulouse.

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The Alien Autopsy changed the world of ufology forever in 1995, shattering it into ever more polarised factions. Was it real or was it fake?

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Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology Part II

Since the posting on UFO Digest website of my article entitled, Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology, both dream and MK attacks have intensified to the point where they are pretty much ongoing now. Weekends seem to be the worse for some reason (

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Belief in God and Extraterrestrials

What would it take for you to believe in UFOs? Would it be photos or an actual piece of a craft? How about a multitude of witnesses? Would it take a little green man asking for an outlet to power up his generator? Of course all of these scenarios are tota

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Are Ghosts really of the Dead?

Ghosts do not appear just in graveyards or haunted houses, some are seen in streets, during the daylight and even appear in windows and mirrors. UFO entities or extraterrestrials do the same!

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Old UFO Sighting, reported but not investigated by MUFON!

Being a member of MUFON for many years and doing investigations, I was used to going out at all times of the week, day or night, to investigate sightings.

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A dead star seen snacking on shredded asteroid

For the last two years, astronomers have suspected that a nearby white dwarf star was "snacking" on a shredded asteroid. Now, an analysis of chemical "crumbs" in the star's atmosphere has confirmed this suspicion. "This is a really fascinating system, that could offer clues to what our solar system may look like in approximately five billion yea...

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Derrel Sims and Saber Enterprises Dream Team To Conduct Forensic Investigation To Find Roswell UFO D

A team from Saber Enterprises, working under the auspices of the International UFO Museum, Roswell, NM, is pleased to announce their latest investigation, a forensic will attempt recovery of fragments from the UFO that crashed on the Foster Ranch in early

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The Alien Autopsy Recap

The term alien autopsy is used in ufology to refer to an alleged examination of an alien corpse, performed in 1947, and recorded by the American Government on a black and white 16 mm film. The same is also known as Santilli Footage, because Ray Santilli p

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Here is the latest information on The RR3 UFO Specimen. Noted UFOlogist and Alien Hunter, Derrel Sims, speaks with Dr. Russell Vernon Clark for the latest information regarding the RR3 object. Dr. Clark personally states that the RR3 Specimen, an alleged

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Islam and the Jews: The Real Story

Peter Farley wrote in his April 1 UFO Digest article, Islam and the Jews, that the so called Guardians of the Galactic Federation of Light from the past civilization of Angkor Watt and the Mother Earth Council, told Kosol, a Cambodian man, that the both t

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