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UFO over Val Susa, Italy

I would be grateful even your opinion, given that on my news I go back many comments and opinions and, in addition to discussions on various blogs, if something spoken in a radio Turin, and a Local newspaper (Turin Chronicle).

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Debunking the UFO Debunkers

'As a ufologist, an autonomous theologian, and social researcher, I am the target of debunkers from the broadest range of debunkers imaginable. My work reveals the cover-up of UFOs and challenges the common concepts of UFOs, it uncovers the contradictions

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Deeper views of Texas UFO sightings explored

Stardust's comet bits look like asteroid materials

Contrary to expectations for a small icy body, much of the comet dust returned by the Stardust mission formed very close to the young sun and was altered from the solar system's early materials.

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Skies dim for British astronomers

Astronomy cuts mean UK scientists will no longer have direct access to an 8m-class telescope in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Is There No End to the Excuses We're Given?

In a previous editorial I mentioned that I don't normally research UFO topics such as sightings, abductions, crop circles or cattle mutilations, while concentrating on Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Pyramids of Giza. I do however have an int

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China and Russia eager to monitor and grab the out of control US Spy satellite ? America determined

It will be a test of Russian and Chinese antigravity technologies. If any of them can demonstrate that, it will be remarkable.Most like before that can happen America will take down the satellite with pin pointed multi-missile attack.

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3 Issues in UFOlogy (Essential to achieve a Paradigm Shift)

There exist today 3 issues that could broaden the frame of reference for discussions in UFOlogy. Recognizing their significance is of primary importance to advancing focus and any achievable methodology involving cooperation.

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Reverse engineering extraterrestrial UFO space-time manipulation ? the ultimate military weapon

It is possible to create an attack machine that can deliver a devastating bomb in less than a second across thousands of mile with this technology.

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International UFO Congress Now World's Largest UFO Convention

Laughlin, Nev. - February 23 - March 1, 2008 - The International UFO Congress, a leading organization for the research and documentation of UFO and related information, today announced the extension of their 17th Annual UFO Conference and Film Festival to

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Do We Collaborate?

There has been quite a bit of debate recently within the UFO/ET community as a whole and exopolitics in particular about cooperation with mainstream medias seemingly orchestrated UFO/ET disclosure process. Some folks believe that they need to tone down th

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Mysteries and surprises found during Mercury flyby

A treasure trove of data captured by NASA's Messenger probe as it zoomed past Mercury earlier this month revealed a mysterious world fraught with scars, leaving researchers with more questions about the solar system's innermost planet.

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