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Are Texans ready for details of UFO visitation?

Although the Stephenville, Texas, UFO sightings are getting a lot of attention now, it is only one of many, many such incidents reported by Americans and people around the world. Like the Stephenville case, other similar sightings have involved reliable w

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Growing Media Interest in UFOs - Is Partial Official Disclosure of UFOs as Classified Antigravity Ve

There has been much recent media interest in UFO sightings. In particular, there have been a series of interviews conducted on Larry King Live, the November 12, 2007, National Press Club conference, and the Presidential debate concerning UFOs sparked by S

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UFOs, Alien Abductions, ET Photos, "Telepathic Teachings"

Between January 28 and 30th, 2008, as the editor of UFO Digest, I received several emails originating in Finland and have compiled the following information and questions from Mr. Kimmo Hatinen for our readers' consideration: I am sending you here two ver

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Alien Worlds Found On Earth!

UK UFO researcher and writer Stuart Miller is no stranger to the UFO scene, having edited and published the ezine, 'UFO Review,' which was a successful and popular look at the UFO phenomenon which began in early 2004 as a result of the closure of UFO Maga

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Angelia Joiner Leaves Empire Tribune

New developments on the Stephenville UFO incident have been made with Angelia Joiner writer on the front of the January 8th 2008 UFO reports handing in her 2 weeks notice to leave the Stephenville Empire Tribune newspaper. The news was brought to light af

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The Aldebaran Mystery: The Nazi/ET UFO Connection

Dr. Hermann Oberth who pioneered rocket design for the German Reich during World War II and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches, cryptically stated: "We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scien

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Texas UFO witnesses threatened for talking to media?

Are Stephenville, Texas, UFO witnesses being harassed and threatened? Reports are surfacing that indicate someone may be trying to intimidate witnesses who spoke to the news media. According to recent articles in the Stephenville, Texas, local newspaper,

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Need To Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence

This is one book that you, the ardent researcher and public alike need to know about and read cover to cover. Timothy Good is a world-renowned researcher and author that has appeared on several television shows and written many books on the subject of UFO

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The UFOs, sighted at Kumburgaz, caused great shock waves around the world and were part of the written and visual media from China to Russia and Brazil to Switzerland and will go down in the World UFO literature as one of the most significant UFO sighting

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