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Massachusetts UFO Wave of 1967-68

I was a UFO investigator for APRO and also for CAPER. The summer and fall of 1967 was a busy year for me. There were about 4-5 cases a week all summer long and into the winter that lasted until about August of 1968.

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The Flying Saucer Working Party - UK Government UFO Deception

Before I start with this I feel it's necessary to point out that The Ministry Of Defence (MOD) has always categorically denied that any investigation into UFO's, their origins and their threat level had took place Even when the minutes of this non-existen

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Matter-Antimatter Annihilation propulsion can generate fantastic thrust to weight ratio ? a reverse

Scientists observed the extraterrestrial UFOs are found the Matter-Antimatter Annihilation propulsion that can generate unbelievable amount of propulsion and thrust.

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UFO Flaps and the recent Michigan sightings

In light of recent personal events, I have decided to go on a 'fact-finding' search - consulting old books and Internet resources and I want to share this with you. To the best of my knowledge, I am not directly plagiarizing anyone's writings, and I defi

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Bigfoot Research Should Stick to Basics

Ever since the Bigfoot phenomenon became world famous in 1958, some researchers in the field have advanced paranormal explanations as a solution to the Bigfoot mystery, painting the creatures as being more than just a physical, flesh and blood animal but

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Is The English Language Encoded?

Gary Val Venuta wrote an article Alpha Numbers: Is the English Language Encoded?" for UFO Digest on June 1, 2007. Since I am probably the resident expert on Gematria, Jewish numerology, as well as Kabbalah, let me explain why I do not believe that the

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Heaven's Gate - The Deadly Delusion Continues

Perhaps no aspect of the UFO paradigm has had so serious a negative impact on the UFO community than the UFO cult phenomenon. Even though it was not the worst tragedy to hit the UFO field, the Heaven's Gate suicides had the most lasting impact and are in

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"No UFOs Here Ma'm"

A recent article by UFO researcher Bill Knell reminds us of the sharp contrast between the factual experiences of UFO witnesses, and the ridiculous responses -- or non-responses -- of government agencies.

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SDI #442 - Twenty Questions - On UFOlogy and UFO Updates

20 Questions very fairly addressed by Dave Furlotte, Keith Chester, and Alfred Lehmberg; then brewed, distilled, and refined by an esteemed (if steaming) Errol Bruce-Knapp:

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