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Dark Revelations


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Submitted: Sun Apr 12 2009
Rating: 9.50
Votes: 2
CT: Paranormal: Dark Revelations
Last Modified: Mon May 25 2009

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Dark Revelations is a social networking community interested in sharing a wide variety of paranormal experiences, UFO’s, urban exploration, near death and supernatural experiences, or quite frankly just about anything which seems, well, out of the ordinary. The Dark Revelations team is made up of open-minded individuals who share in the belief of the paranormal. We want to transport those in doubt on a passage out of the dark ages and into an age of discovery and exploration. Our main purpose is to share our experiences with you, whether you believe or not, to a fascinating world of the unknown. Our well-documented experiences have taken us to places where unfortunate and untimely deaths have occurred; abandon fields and barns, cemeteries, and churches. We include the not so welcomed places where mass murders have been known to take place; remote areas, religious compounds, highways and tunnels. We warn you though, this is not for the faint of heart; this is an investigation into a world very few will ever completely understand. We carefully document with audio, video and pictures of the places we have explored. So it is now that we invite you on this journey with us, to share your own personal paranormal experiences or perhaps suggest places you’ve always wondered about – places you suspect paranormal activity. Contact us at and a team member will respond via email or by phone.

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