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The Psychic Detective

10 out of 10 stars (2 votes)

Psychic predictions. Spiritual advice. Research and articles

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Zerotime Paranormal

1 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Paranormal online free magazine. Tons of free information, articles, links and stories. Ghosts, Hauntings, UFOs, and Vampires.

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Psychic Journal

Weekly magazine with articles and features about psychics, readings, tarot cards, and all topics paranormal. Available by free subscription. Hundreds of articles of interest.

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Occult World Ledger

Reviews and rates books on occult/wicca/paranormal topics. Accepts submissions. Occult search engine, webrings, links. Occult webmaster resources. Updated bi-weekly.

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Power of the Mind Magazine

The online magazine devoted to bringing you the truth about human existence, our place in the universe and our relationship with intelligent extraterrestrial species.

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The Anomalist

A print and web journal exploring the paranormal.

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Weird World Magazine

Current events dealing with the strange and paranormal. All stories of recent anomalies and general weirdness.

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Bite Me Magazine

How to become a werewolf, and what it's like to be bitten by a vampire.

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All Destiny

Online magazine for supernatural and new age subjects. Articles and stories are updated bi-monthly, with sci-fi news monthly and horoscopes weekly.

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Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies

E-zine featuring a wide array of both articles and links to mysterious pheneomena.

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Mysterious America

Home page of Alternate Perceptions Magazine online. UFOs, paranormal investigations, archaeological anomalies, and monthly news.

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Ezine covering a wide variety of topics, from religious issues, to psi, to chakras.

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Professor Fringe's site of the paranormal. Photos, articles, stories and paranormal news on many fringe subjects.

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Each issue features articles for the ghost researcher, enthusiast, or the adventurous. Highly haunted bed and breakfasts from around the world are profiled, discounts offered.

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Narratives of the Weird

True stories of the paranormal. Includes stories about ghosts, UFO's, angels and other unusual things.

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X-Project Paranormal Magazine

A weekly investigation into paranormal phenomena and Fortean events.

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Updated daily, offers you articles, blogs, videos, links and more on everything paranormal including alien abductions, ufo sightings, ancient aliens, ghost hunting, demonology, altered consciousness, exopolitics, government conspiracy theories, creatures and cryptozoology, monsters, crop circles, fringe science, ongoing mysteries, important people in the paranormal field, sacred places, places of mystery, psychic phenomena, paranormal events, conferences, symposiums, conventions and so much more! Come join our community with an open mind. We are always looking for contributors.

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