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Extraordinary Intelligence

All things Unknown, Unexplained, and Extraordinary! A virtual cabinet of curiosities featuring the latest in Alternative News.

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Beyond, The Series

BEYOND is a landmark in paranormal programming because it brings forth new explanations for many of the most compelling paranormal phenomena of our time; including ghosts, aliens, signs, prophecies as well as evidence of six forms of life that survive clinical death. We hope that you enjoy your journey into the beyond...

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Psychic Access Talk Radio

Welcome to the Psychic Access Talk Radio network! Listen to ‘The Psychic View’ and call in for a free psychic reading on air. This popular internet radio podcast features some of the internet’s best live psychic advisors, intuitive consultants and clairvoyant mediums, as well as top experts and celebrity guests. Our weekly blog talk radio show features news and views on spirituality, metaphysics, psychic development, paranormal phenomena, holistic therapy, energy healing, mediumship, divination, tarot, astrology, and new age beliefs and practices. Tune in right now, it’s out of this world!

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ParaVault reports on UFO's, paranormal, and cryptids. We are a fast growing community, with new articles, videos, and photos added daily.

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The Abnormal Realm

This blog not only provides news, articles and other information about the paranormal but goes beyond in investigating subjects most experts know little about, avoid to discuss or even refuse to acknowledge.

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