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Paranormal Chats



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UFO Files

The site contains over 400 files on UFO related subjects.

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Argue City

An online community where users can debate on a wide range of controversial topics, including the paranormal. Members can rate, rebut, and support arguments made by other visitors.

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Armbell Paranormal Forums

This site has many good paranormal topics to discuss. There are many members that are also willing to share their stories and experiences. A must stop by site!!!!

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Para-Investigator Online Paranormal Assistance Program

:: THE 24/7 ACCESSIBLE PARANORMAL CHAT:: Available and prepared to offer assistance to those in need twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A compiled resource community of knowledge, experience, and perspectives from some of the most generous, open-minded, seasoned investigators from across the globe. Stop by and give these guys, a great big, "Hello!" Para-Investigators Online Paranormal Assistance Program (P.O.P.A.P.) is a program which interacts with many groups around the globe. It's open 24/7 with fellow investigators online to assist with questions, to share stories, to lend a hand if someone is looking for a group near them to join or to request assistance. It targets the needs of both users and investigators. You may find yourself in the midst of some really great folks with some really good ghost stories, would that be a waste of time? No way, you can't miss it! Come on in, sit a spell! We'd love to have you....and who knows, you may be back again and again. With your knowledge , the questions that will be encountered on any day, you may just have the answer someone is looking for. We have folks from all over the country dropping by in need of assistance or training. We can't wait to meet you and your Para-family!

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Para Psych started off as Paranormal Uk it was formed in April 2004 for those who are interested in the Paranormal. Since then we have grown. Now the site is Worldwide The site is ran by myself a Parapsychologist & Psychologist and my wife Mandy who is a Clairaudient (she hears spirits) she is also a Parapsychologist and our dedicated admin team, who share our love of the Paranormal. We run weekly Psychic Experiments and also have a Psychic classroom forum.. We now have our this worldwide site our own compiled Hauntings Database our Home Page, and a Hall on Illusions also hosted on Ezboard. The site has just been updated and now better than ever, please call in and see us!

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Schuylkill County Paranormal Investigators.

About our Paranormal group, our experiences, and even a dictionary on the paranormal.

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I Am Haunted

I Am Haunted is the premier paranormal community on the Interenet. Whether your interest is ghosts, ufos, cryptozoology, psychics and mediums, demonology or the occult you will find people to share your interests with. We have customizable profiles, chat, blogs, forums, polls, photo and video uploads and more. Signing up is free and easy. Visit today!

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Paranormal Chat

Paranormal Chat Hunting paranormal Aliens Ufos Ghosts Monsters Psychics Loch ness monster. Philip Schneider UFO Release.

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