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Lia Light popular

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Pleiadians-Lia Shapiro channels new Pleiadian messages of Hope, Light and Spiritual Growth. Evolve yourself by tuning into higher realms of thought.

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Rainbow Lady Communications popular

A Deep Trance Channeling site featuring Donna Kinniburgh and her Spiritual Source Reflection.One of the largest collections of Deep Trance Research material including Visitations a CDrom on ET's

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The Edge popular

A mouthpiece for the Returning Gods.

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Spirit popular

An archive of spiritist medium material by Allan Kardec plus an extensive link list, book list and channeling glossary.

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The Sirian Revelations

site of author/channel Patricia Cori, contactee for light beings from the sixth dimension, the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, with teachings and information for the ascending human race.

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