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Out of Body Experiences


Break the Secret of Pyramid Text popular

Rejuvenation and Unveiled Hidden Phenix: Carlos Castaneda Shamanism plus a after his death. Author: Hiroyuki Nishigaki. About his several exciting space travels, Pyramid Text, Shamanism, OBE, etc.

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Astral Society popular

Group formed to help each other learn more about the natural ability that we all share, Astral Projection.

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my life after near death experiences popular

Over the years I have had over 100 Dreamvisions of places in the afterlife worlds. Experiencing Heaven sure puts my life into a Whole New Perspective! My Journal reflects this difference, as I write about my life.

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International Academy of Consciousness

Non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experiences (astral projection), bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energies), and the evolution of consciousness. The site provides information on the organizationís training courses, as well as articles on various topics and other resources.

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Other Wolrds

astral projection and dream forum.Study of consciousness and subconsciousness.Research on out of body,dreams,lucid dreams.Live hosted chats.Discuss magic,dreams,energy,meditation,science,paranormal,metaphysics,and more! A great community to learn astral projection!

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