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PKMan : a PK (Psychokenisis) Case Study

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, the only holder of a doctorate in parapsychology from an accredited university in the US, has written a book about PKMan: Ted Owens. As a youth Ted suffered horrific head injuries on several occasions. Despite these Ted developed an extremely high IQ, became a member of MENSA, the high IQ society, and mastered many trades and talents. Later in life Ted was exposed to a UFO (Alien Flying Object) and soon began to have visual intuitional conversations in his brain and mind with EXTREMELY Advanced Beings called Space Intelligences (SI's) Who looked like mental Insects or had NO Image. SI's told Ted They had caused his head injuries earlier in life so his brain could have effective two-way communication with Them and told Ted he was the first person since the Biblical hero Moses to have such a gift. Over many years Ted had regular repeatable contacts with SI's and could accurately predict and control many events such as HURRICANES and UFO materialisations. Ted and SI's teamed together to force the US to end the Vietnam War, reduce pollution, become more open minded and Nature friendly. Ted and SI's. See Or read my FREE ebook about Ted at

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