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Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences

To keep in touch with the latest developments in sciences viz., Chemistry, Botany, Physics, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Geology, Geography, Anthropology, all Engineering Sciences, Medical sciences etc., the Asian Journal of Experimental Sciences offers peer-reviewed, scientifically based articles and original research. This journal contains information that will assist their readers in understanding intricacies of sciences. The Journal also provides readers with sound and expert research and advice to help you offer expertise in order to broaden information on the technology or the application of science.

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Time Human

A blog about unexplained phenomena, UFO's, ancient civilizations, paranormal science, space, cryptozoology and more.

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Colon Help

An individual's intestinal tract (colon & rectum) are referred to as the large intestine and it is crucial that it remains in good health. Having a healthy and clean colon will protect you from a variety of illness and health complications ranging from cancer to skin lesions and acne and is said to be the optimal way to keep your entire body disease free. Your digestive system is the center of your health and wellness.

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London Reflexology

A few years ago, I gave a friendís newborn baby a Reflexology treatment, well, I tried to follow the sequence of the technique as much as I could, as babies, for some unknown reason tend to wiggle quite a bit! Success, I thought, baby seemed happy

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