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How Stuff Works: Satellites

Simple 10-part tutorial description helps you understand how satellites work, what they contain and how they get into orbit.Basic level.

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Satellite Science

Provides access to a wide variety of satellite information, news and documents from satellite world.

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Earth Satellite Corporation

EarthSat uses GIS and satellite remotely sensed data for worldwide weather and agricultural forecasts, flood prediction, petroleum, hydrologic and mineral resource exploration and environmental monitoring.

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Lloyd's Satellite Constellations

Information on Iridium, Teledesic, Globalstar, Orbcomm, ICO Global, Ellipso, Skybridge and other systems, as well as general information on satellites.

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Student Nitric Oxide Explorer

SNOE is a small scientific satellite that is measuring the effects of energy from the sun and from the magnetosphere on the density of nitric oxide in the Earth's upper atmosphere.

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Space Systems for Astronomical Observation

This paper was assigned in our "Introduction to Engineering" class at the University of Michigan (Fall 99). The group has researched various systems for the advancement of astronomical observation, in order to determine the most beneficial path for future advancement.

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Surrey Satellite Technology Limited

News and information about this commercial wing of the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey. Includes details of the company, its satellites, services and missions.

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HESSI Modal Survey FEM Verification

Modal survey of the HESSI spacecraft. Objective was to identify the natural frequencies, the damping factors and the mode shapes.

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SaVi satellite constellation visualization

Software to view the movement of multiple satellites in two and three dimensions. View Iridium, Teledesic and Globalstar on your desktop.

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WorldSat International Inc.

A producer of satellite maps and posters, atlas of the world, earth globes, interactive cd-roms, and stock photography.

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AIM Satellite Mission

The science and outreach sites for NASA's planned AIM (Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere) mission, aimed at studying Polar Mesospheric Clouds (PMCs).

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Satellite communications with Intelsat, a leading satellite service provider of voice, data, and Internet solutions.

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Industry portal with variety of information and news on space systems and space companies in Europe.

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