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Submitted: Thu Jul 19 2007
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CT: Spirituality: Dolpopa
Last Modified: Mon Dec 24 2007

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The western mind is being continuously confronted with realities that are beyond its comprehension and ability to cope. Western world thinking and ideals are in a state of massive change. The world of man is re-awakening to the very old possibilities of other worlds, civilizations and dimensions. The selfish and egoistic struggles of man are finally being evicted though realization of the soul consciousness within. That which was considered old and ancient is now being viewed with fresh perspective. Suffering, caused by self and ego, can be eliminated! You do have a choice! We feel that our experiences and perspective can help anyone who is sincerely seeking answers. Like stretching your physical body, to become more flexible and healthy, we ask that you gently stretch your mind by simply accepting the possibilities in all things. Some of the material within, such as discussions about extraterrestrials, may be difficult for the “conditioned western mind” to accept. This is understandable. However, we do not ask that you accept any material as the truth; we simply ask that you accept the possibility that it can be positive or a benefit to you and yours.

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