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Tanika's Books Psychic Research and Publishing

Tanika's Books presents research and publications on paranormal phenomena and communication with the dead. Includes articles on Leslie Flint, James Van Praagh and Brian E. Hurst.

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Anthony E. Baker - Agony Uncle for the Spiritually Bemused

Questions and answers to spiritual problems from readers of the site and an excerpt from his book

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Discussion concerning communication with the spirits

These pages are a discussion of different methods of communication with the spirits. They includes true stories of possible communication with the dead, dreams and premonitions, Ouija Boards, Angels, and Jesus Christ.

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Spiritual Development Pages.

A site about Spiritual and personal development, personal responsibility, emotional pain release, healing emotional wounds and regaining control of life.

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Silverdawn's Unique Life Choices

a website dedicated to the unique life choices of silverdawn. Covers personal views on Spiritualism and Witchcraft.

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'Don't Wait To Be Rescued'

Everyone of us dies and goes into spirit, but very few realize that what we do at the time of death has great consequences for us, both then and later. Book by Shirley Pratt.

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Beyond -- A Poem of Inspiration and Comfort

This poem is intended to be inspiration for the living and comfort for the dying. It was written by Chatrtime with the apparant help of someone from Beyond.

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Afterlife Communication / Visitations

AFTERLIFE Visitations from beloved people/animals are explored in 80 compelling true first person stories of life-changing reunions by Lee Lawson,author of "Visitations From the Afterlife / True Stories of Love and Healing".

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Spirit Learn

Inspirational writings from spirit for the benefit of mankind on this earth about the New Golden Age and other spiritual philosophy.

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Novus Spiritus and Sylvia Browne

If you enjoy Sylvia Browne's philosophy on life and death...this is the place for you. Come and share your thoughts and views as we all take a journey of the soul. NB. limited content as of June 2001.

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Enlighted Friends Centre

A spiritual site with discussions on spiritualism, tarot, healing and clairvoyance. With a free chat room and message board.

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Spiritualism and Healing

What is Spiritualism?; Eightfold Path; Nivana; Dream Dictionary; Earth's Natural Remedies; Sacred Texts

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Pam Brittan Spiritulaist medium.

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Rev. Susan's Meditation Gardens

Introduction to Spiritualism, personal reflections, articles and links.

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A Spiritual Journey

A journey through the revealed truths from 1848 to the 2000's.

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Divine Science of Mind-healing - Health and Harmony

Explore for yourself how divine Science of Mind-healing brings health and harmony in every situation.

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