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UFOSeek News 2012: Page 13

UFOSeek News 2012


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Mitt Romney blasts Obama for not making NASA priority (2:07) - Washington Post

At Cape Canaveral, Florida near where space shuttles once launched, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a crowd of supporters at a NASA contractor factory floor that President Obama isn't making space a priority. (Jan.

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UFO Mountain exploring ET Contact - UFODigest

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner UFO Mountain, a weekly series exploring ET contact at the ECETI Ranch and the reported UFO base inside of Mt. Adams, is now available online. Episode one, entitled There's a Light in the Field, explores how witnesses respond ...

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Fran Drescher Abducted by Aliens, Programmed to Meet Peter Marc Jacobson? - Gather Celebs News Chann

Was Fran Drescher abducted by aliens? Is this a joke? The Happily Divorced star claims she was, and yes she is serious. In fact, she believes that they also implanted a chip inside her. Not only does she believe that she was abducted in junior high and ...

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NASA Study Solves Case of Earth's 'Missing Energy' - Clarksville Online

An international team of atmospheric scientists and oceanographers, led by Norman Loeb of NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA, and including Graeme Stephens of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, set out to investigate the ...

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UFOs in Massena? Some people seem to think so -

Six reports of mysterious light formations circling high in the skies, from Malone to Hogansburg to Brasher, have been compiled by the National UFO Reporting Center since Jan. 11. “I never in my life expected to see something like this,” an anonymous ...

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Fran Drescher Says She Was Abducted By Aliens While Driving - Jalopnik

Relax, friends, and I'll make it clear: Fran Drescher was abducted by aliens, while in a car, and returned with a chip embedded in her hand. But for what purpose? Think about it. Cars. Aliens. The Nanny. An implanted chip. The aliens have given us new ...

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Locals blame UFO or alien activity for unusual chunks of ice in the Ural River -

These blocks of ice defy explanation, leaving some locals to speculate that their appearance may be linked to UFO or alien activity. The enormous ice blocks were found in a relatively small area 20 meters (.0124 miles) in radius.

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