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Ufo dvd to check out

I am very sure you will all enjoy this collection as its very well some of the most amazing stuff ever seen and recorded. thanks

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An Ufomaniacs Dreamland

High quality Ufo T-shirts, hats, clocks, bags, e.t.c..

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Digital creations\UFO art

Custom UFO/paranormal designs on quality posters and framed prints. starting at only $14.99

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Apparel For Aliens. Alien Head and Area 51 Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Stickers, Buttons, Magnets, Aprons, Mousepads, and More.

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Famous Aliens

Alien T Shirts, Posters and more. Precise hand-drawn reproductions of famous artworks with an "Alien" twist.

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Alien Dolls - OOAK Handmade Fabric Art Figures

Aliens and Alien Hybrids Dolls. Original design, OOAK Hardcrafted Fabric Art Dolls and Figures. Most have wired armature, and can be posed.

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Paranormal designs clothing and art

Unique digital art designs,available on clothing,posters and more. There are alot of stores out there, but none like this give it look when ya can

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Area 51 Alien Sculpture

This Limited Edition Area 51 Alien Grey Collectible Sculpture stands over 11″ tall and is cast in a glass filled resin it weighs over 2.5 lbs, and the base is 18k gold leafed. Created by former Hollywood FX artist Paul M Sciacca who’s work appeared in dozens of films and in Theme Parks around the world. These limited edition Area 51 Alien Grey collectibles are hand finished, signed and numbered here in the USA. The sculpture is so realistic you would almost expect a full scale invasion.

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Science fiction Paranormal Store

Over 200 Paranormal designs on multiple products, including t-shirts,clothing, posters and more. We make designs based on real life mysteries,including UfOs,,Bigfoot,Ghosts, crop circles,Mayan 2012,Bermuda Triangle, and dozens more. Stop by and check us out,products start at under 5.00 dollars.

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