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Dubai Research Congregation


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Submitted: Mon May 23 2011
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CT: UFO Organizations: Dubai Research Congregation
Last Modified: Wed Jun 29 2011

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'Dubai Research Congregation' found in 2011, in Dubai founded by Rajesh, is a society for the researchers based in the field of Space, Science, Anthropology, Evolutions, UFO, Aliens, Hidden conspiracies and all the myths and secrets of the ancient as well as the modern world. Rajesh is also a writer with freelancing articles published on websites and publications on UFOs and alientology. DRC also has established connections with the fellow researchers world wide and have successfully made associations with major fellow researchers and organisations and currently resides in Dubai. DRC Conducted many successful trips to various dimensional portals and destinations of ancient importance recently and planning for more. Also focuses in creating awareness in people about the happenings worldwide and improving the living conditions by exposing the truths and importance of meditations in a daily life. Ancient Indian Aeronautics also known as Vymanika Shastra (written by Bharadwaja)is a vast area of study which Dubai Research Congregation focuses involuntarily. Many other topics including UFOlogy has been covered almost in all the seminars. Lecturers and researchers share their studies with the participants in Dubai Research Congregation and welcomes all interested researchers in United Arab Emirates. DRC is also planning for extending the coverage to neighbouring countries in the Middle East for those who are interested in the subjects. Dubai Research Congregation is the ONE and Only Research group or society on the subjects like UFO, Aliens, Archeology, Ancient Flights, Vymaanika Shastra, Galactic Alignment& Truths about 2012 , Illuminati, Secret Societies, Atlantis, Mayan Culture, Incas, Sumerians, Anthropology and Evolution of Human and associated travel to heritage locations.

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