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Missouri Investigators Group

9 out of 10 stars (4 votes)

Investigates UFO reports in, but not limited to, Missouri. UFO report form at website. Discussion list at YahooGroups.

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The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center

7 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

The ARC is a privately funded, field investigations membership organization studying, investigating, and researching local UFO and Paranormal Phenomena in Upper East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Western North Carolina, as well as the Southern Appalachian region of the United States.

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Colorado UFO Sightings Research Group popular

2 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Investigates and analyzes sightings reports especially in Colorado.

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UFO Wisconsin Reporting & Education Center

File a UFO Report or view their free database of UFO reports from throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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UFO Congress

Organizers of one of the world's best and largest UFO conferences. Laughlin, Nevada USA. Upcoming events: February 2004 and 2005. Tapes of conference lectures also available.

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Aztec UFO Conference

The Aztec UFO Symposium, a fund raiser for the Aztec Library, is a yearly conference held in Aztec, New Mexico where there was reported to be a UFO crash in March 1948 just 9 months after the Roswell incident.The spacecraft and the dead aliens aboard were reported to have been taken away by the Army and the incident covered up by the government.The symposium objective is to bring serious researchers in to discuss UFOs, sightings, alien abductions and encounters, government cover-ups, crop circles, cattle mutilations, secret underground bases and more. Speakers for 2008 are Stan Friedman, Dennis Balthaser, Timothy Good, Frank Warren, Ted Phillips, Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.,Scott Ramsey, Ken Storch, James Carrion and James Fox. The price is just $30.00 for the 2 day conference and $15.00 for the Meet and Greet Dinner, a casual affair where you can meet and speak with the speakers. Seniors and Student get a discounted rate of $20.00 for the symposium and $7.00 for the dinner. Members of the Military, Police, Firefighters and EMTs can come to the symposium absolutely Free! Contact Katee McClure - Event Planner - for further questions. Or visit our website at

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