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Full Moon Radio / Darker Side of the Moon

As an escape from the average paranormal talk show, seasoned host Laura Placeres presents compelling insight into the world beyond the veil. Full Moon Radio entertains, educates and encourages listeners to think beyond the realm of everyday reality by bridging the gap between conventional thinking and the discerning mind. Join Laura and Sandy for exciting new adventures into the mysterious. Sandy Jorgensen is a nationally recognized interior artist and designer, and has been featured in mainstream magazines for her unique and intriguing work. A mother of five children, she brings practical and other worldly advice and knowledge to the Full Moon shows. Her life has proved to be generous with spiritual and supernatural experiences, making her commentary especially interesting. Both Sandy and Laura have been involved in the paranormal for many years. Laura was a guest on BlabTV in Pensacola, Florida, for several months. She appeared as a psychic, doing readings, predictions and commentary on a weekly basis. She's been featured on Kansas City's KKFI, doing readings and discussing societal trends. Laura formed an organization called Daring Destiny. Along with Sandy and one other member, Jan, we brought astrology, tarot, angel readings, palmistry, numerology, and graphology to corporate parties. Their study and use of divination have added to the show's discussion. Laura has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Maryland. She spent 6 years working as a case manager in public mental health. The psychological aspects of the paranormal are always of interest to her. Sandy has been asked to share her tarot skills at home parties over the years as well. She has taught others how to use their skills and been very active in the community. Full Moon Radio touches aspects of the Paranormal, Psychic Phenomena, Esoterica, Religion and Spirituality. This is an upbeat, down to earth show. We review paranormal news, discuss esoteric topics and play cool music from independent artists. We discuss personal stories and talk about listener's email. Interesting guests share their stories of the unexplained. Darker Side of the Moon is a newer show with a supernatural kick. Based on entertainment personalities, Darker Side hosts speak with independent filmmakers, authors, musicians and artists about their creative talent. Sometimes serious, mostly fun, this show has a little for everyone. Becky Ray and Laura Placeres are hosts.( Full Moon Radio can be heard Sunday nights at 9:00 PM EST on Planet Paranormal

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Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack

Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack has become one of the hottest night time talk radio programs when it comes to the paranormal. One of the assets to Paranormal Radio has been Kevin Danorski; who worked for Clark Howard for 20 years, as well as Neal Bortz and more. The listenership of Paranormal Radio is rapidly growing. And the respect it is gaining in the radio community is also growing. With a great production team behind the scenes, and one fantastic host behind the microphone, Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack makes up for the right chemistry for an exciting, entertaining and informative talk radio program! Tune in every Monday thru Friday starting at 9PM EST until Midnight.

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The Fringe Radio Show

KTKK AM630 present’s “Fringe Radio” to you Monday thru Friday Evening from Midnight till 2:00 a.m. and every Saturday Evening 6 – 8 PM, with outstanding Paranormal, Outer World, and Legend Seeking talk radio, while providing you with “Fringe” News, Events, and Beyond. Our radio show covers a wide spectrum of “Fringe Paranormal ” genres such as Ghost Hunting, Haunted Entities, Dark Matter, and Mediums. We will address Urban Legends, UFO’s, and Alien Abductions. We will discuss Science Fiction, and Today’s Realities conceived and developed by Science Fiction of the past. Each show is unique and our hosts will bring on the top researchers in their respective fields. While listening to shows you can explore the features of our site – Paranormal Event Listings, Guest Bloggers, Videos, and Authors. You will be able to tune in and listen via Land Radio, Live – Internet Streaming, or via your Smart Phone.

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Just Energy Radio

Join Dr. Rita Louise on a journey through time and space where past, present and future collide. What we want to know is ... Who made up the rules? Each week Dr. Rita is joined by experts from the fields of astrology, alternative health, ancient mysteries, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, metaphysics and spirituality, paranormal phenomena, quantum physics, UFO's and alien abduction and more... Dr. Rita will infuse every show with both credibility and content. Just Energy Radio bridges the worlds of science, spirit and culture and will change the way the world views all that lays hidden to the naked eye. Be brave and step outside the box. We are departing our old beliefs and entering alternative realms. Enjoy the possibilities!

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