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Witchcraft - World of Wicca

Wicca witches spells and potions, take a tour and learn about the lastest trends for the modern witch..

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Spilled Candy Books

Spilled Candy Books is a small, independent publisher of pagan and esoteric fiction and non-fiction. The Spilled Candy website includes articles and freebies for everyone no matter where you are on your spiritual path.

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exWitch Australia (formerly 'Born Again Pagan')

Home pages of the ex High Priest of a Neo-Pagan Coven in Western Australia - Aims to educate those who have not yet found Christ and those within the body of Christ about Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft and the occult in a fair & truthful manner and to support, educate, and equip other Christians to do the same

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Wicca store and magick supplies

We offer Magick, Witchcraft and wicca supplies and ritual items for the practicing witch, Wiccan and or Pagan. We carry Wicca supplies including athames, chalices, pagan books, jewelry, incense, pentacles, cloaks, and robes

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The Wica and the history of modern Gardnerian Witchcraft.

This website deals with the early history of modern Gardnerian Witchcraft. You can find various articles, newspaper clippings, photos and other resources that will helo to give you a real insight into the development of modern Witchcraft. There is are many rare newspaper clipping featuring people such as Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Alex Sanders and several other Elders.

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Epiphanys Ligt

Epiphanys light all your wiccan and pagan supplies. Ritual tools, athames, cauldrons, spell candles, sage, wicca supplies, wiccan jewelry, goddess jewelry, resin incense, sage, brooms and more. Including Blue Moon Herbals crystal & magic charged goddess butters, mysts, oils and brews.

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Cyber Cauldron

Eclectic witchcraft - mixing wicca, hellenic, oslac, shamanism, tarditional witchcraft into a neo pagan path with new aged shop complete with wiccan supplies and other magickal products from divination to spellcrafting - acomplete range of pagan products and equipment along with free stuff and information

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We interpret 5 questions every month for free- we will even interpret cards for you. Based on on-line card interpretation, we can prevent some events from happening, ease the process of bad events or intensify the effect of positive and beneficial events. Maybe you could even reveal your new options based on online card interpretation. Maybe you will finally understand yourself and maybe you will even understand your surroundings. You can ask about absolutely anything! Nevertheless we are mostly specialized in partnership relationships; elimination of magical disabilities (e.g. jinxes, curses, enchantments, possessing spirits etc.) and protection against magical and negative influences. Online card interpretation takes place over email or Skype. Our tarot cards are needed for online card interpretation. You can download them on this page or you could write the names of the cards on cards (or other types of cards e.g. joker playing cards

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